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The 80 pages DC Universe Rebirth revealed a new plot to integrate all the characters that fans loved from the past, present and future of DC universe continuity, including the old Pre-52 and New 52's, establishing long-lost forgotten DC characters and how they brings them back on board. There are some scene from the page of comics that leave you for an awe and amusement. This is the best 5 moments in DC universe Rebirth comic, careful Spoilers:

1. Johnny Thunder

Long forgotten old Johnny Thunder meets Wally
Long forgotten old Johnny Thunder meets Wally

There are several characters that are forgotten and newly established in DC universe. With this Rebirth event DC want fans to remember the long-lost legacy of 80 years of DC comics. Some of that were the new Green Lantern, long-lost Ray Palmer disciple, long-lost love story as in Green Arrow and Black Canary, and many more. From all of those I choose Johnny Thunder to honor the long-lost legacy.

One of the long lost forgotten character, the old Johnny Thunder is back! Johnny Thunder, one of the DC characters that imbued with magic and has control over "Thunderbolt", a genie-magical-like being. Johnny Thunder started off way back in the early 40's while established himself as a member of Justice Society of America.

In the recent few decades, compete with the other DC characters, this character being turn on and off, back and forth from the DC continuity. In the DC Universe Rebirth comic, he shows up as an old man Johnny and nobody seems remembering him for being the JSA members or as superhero.

2. Baby Darkseid

Justice League had battled Darkseid over the event of Darkseid Wars and won. While Darkseid presumably dead, his daughter took some pieces of his father and went back to raise his baby-father. In the arms of his daughter, Darkseid waiting for revenge in the baby form.

3. Batman found Comedian Smiley Pin

While figuring out what is really happening in the DC universe after Wally's bursted out seeking help, Batman found something interesting yet iconic symbol!

4. Wally's Return

Welcome back Wally!
Welcome back Wally!

Long lost fan favorite, Wally West is returning to DC continuity! So there are couple of Wally West, same name and lineage, different person. The first Wally, red-haired one, was the first sidekick of the Flash, goes by the name of Kid Flash and later after Barry's death, becoming The Flash for a quite times until New 52 continuity came. The second Wally was established during the New 52 era. Both of them are speedsters.

Had been forgotten for this recent years, the first Wally wandering within the speed force, popping out in several places, looking for anyone who remembering him. He looking for his old teammates, his girlfriend, colleagues, and lastly his mentor, Barry Allen. Nobody seems remember about his existence after The Flashpoint event. Luckily, after saying farewell to Barry, Barry suddenly remembered and pulled Wally's hand. Welcome back Wally!

5. Dr. Manhattan!

Aftermath from the ending of Watchmen
Aftermath from the ending of Watchmen

The major cause of all changes in DC universe is none other than Dr. Manhattan! After the event at the Watchmen series, Dr. Manhattan is still trying to figure it out about his purpose in life. While doing so, he alter the universe and create New 52. It is still unclear the real motives and how he does it.

Using god-powered being like Dr. Manhattan is brilliant moves by DC. The tone to allude all the backgrounds seems plausible and matched the DC universe as a whole. While Watchmen is DC property, their universe is kept separated from the DC universe. It's insane they took a step to make this crossover!

What a crazy way to establish the plot!

6. Paying homage to DC TV and DC extended universe (films)

Wally meets Batman!
Wally meets Batman!

There are couple moments in the comic that made me goosebumps. The first one is when Wally appears in the Batcave. Remember when The Flash made his first appearance in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? I just feel that they made an homage to that scene!

Remember this scene?
Remember this scene?

Secondly, they put something related to DC TV shows writing. An homage to CW's Arrow series! "My name is Oliver Queen..." and ended with the words Wally's saying below.

It was something else. Someone else.
It was something else. Someone else.

It seems that DC want to push their limits to boost more audiences with this so called "Rebirth". With some of its property not doing so well as in New-52 comics, the divisive reviews of BvS, some of its TV series that lack of consistency (except for The Flash though), they need to rebuild their franchise, take a bold moves and they need someone like Geoff Johns to do something in an amazing way.

It is still unclear how the plot will go through, but from the intent of using Watchmen plot to mixed up with the DC universe, it seems promising.

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