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It seems that we have been getting so much talk about virtual reality lately that I wouldn't be surprised if we see a set in every home in the near future. There are so many companies bringing in so many interesting concepts to the world of VR. If you look at it clearly it seems that this might very well be the future of many things, not only gaming.

There are many ways that VR has definitively changed the way things are handled, such as movie promotions and even watching TV. The inclusion of this new technology allows us to immerse ourselves in these worlds more than ever before. I'm just going to be talking about the gaming side of things, however, with what we need from the VR people at E3.

More Hands-On Gaming Presentations

It's always great to hear developers talk about everything that we will be able to do with VR in the future. I think it's time we started feeling more from it rather than just hearing or seeing it. The time is right I believe, with the Oculus Rift and PlayStation Morpheus having big years in 2016 to have them be more hands on at E3. This means it would be really cool to know exactly why one should go out and purchase one of these sets. The only way many would do this is if they are able to try it out with a multitude of games, not just one. I'm not saying put out the whole library, but a couple of games that have the different feels it brings would be great.

Bigger Games In VR

I know there are already a couple of games out there that you can enjoy in VR and I'm not saying they're bad at all. The thing I'm getting at here is if you want to get more people interested in VR you need something big. If they were to have a big title name such as either the Call Of Duty franchise or Battlefield then they might have everyone's attention. The reaction the community would have to see one of their favorite games in VR would be incredible and would surely get as many people on the hype train. There's already two big names that we should see as playable demos come E3 that has been confirmed as titles for VR. This includes Minecraft and Star Wars Battlefront, so here's hoping we get a demo for these at E3.

More Accessible Models

The Occulus and the Sony VR are pretty much the only VR headsets out there this year. We have the Occulus that is already out and is priced at $599 and later this year we will be seeing the Sony VR which will come in at $499. It seems to make this hardware not as accessible as many gamers were hoping for. The two headsets are the price of a console and to even use them you need a console or computer as well. This means if you have neither and are planning to play some virtual reality you easily need to dish out $1000 for the console, headset, and some games. I'm not saying it's expensive considering the capabilities it has but it would be pretty cool to hear of maybe something that might not be as complex and easily accessible for everyone. It will be interesting to see how they might go around this or maybe give a couple more add on's for the price would be a great way to interest people.

If virtual reality is here to stay I think this year at E3 is their time to really show us what they got. The concept has gotten mixed reactions overall with people judging the starting prices compared to what they can really offer at the moment. A majority of gamers are prepared to weight to get the most out of what the new technology has to offer. I hope we see the VR game really change this year and truly work its way as the next big thing in gaming.


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