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Three years ago, video game producer Keiji Inafune announced his newest project at PAX. Inafune, known for the Mega Man franchise, announced that he and his team were working on a new platformer called Mighty No. 9.

Developed by Inti Creates and published by Deep Silver, Mighty No. 9 is very similar to the Mega Man series, and acts a spiritual successor.

Mighty No. 9's protagonist is similar to Mega Man
Mighty No. 9's protagonist is similar to Mega Man

The initial reaction to Mighty No. 9 was extremely positive—with several fans supporting the game and its Kickstarter campaign. The campaign reached its $900,000 goal two days after it was launched in August of 2013.

It's no surprise that a game similar to and created by the same team behind Mega Man -- a series that is very much in need of a new installment -- would gain heavy acclaim from fans and critics.

Unfortunately, Mighty No. 9 hasn't been doing very well recently. Thanks to several delays that even Inafune himself expressed disappointment over. Now, Mighty No. 9 is the subject of even more controversy surrounding its newest trailer. The trailer, titled "Master Class" has left most fans very unsure of the quality of the game. Check it out below:

Fans have expressed their disappointment in the trailer all over the internet, focusing heavily on the cheesy dialogue and lackluster effects. An example of the latter would be the explosions in the trailer, which look a like pasta sauce...

Needless to say, the trailer wasn't very well done. Fans are not happy with it, with many considering it to be an awful and poorly put-together preview of a hopefully fun game. In fact, the head of Inti Creates, Takuya Aizu, completely agrees.

Aizu tweeted on May 25, expressing his anger at the trailer, and the people who made it. Of course, Aizu didn't directly point any fingers, using asterisks to censor the name of the people behind the trailer. He does it in such a way that's it REALLY impossible to tell who he could POSSIBLY be blaming:

After reading that tweet, it's pretty clear what Takuya Aizu thinks about the trailer. Of course, whether it's the trailers fault completely or the game itself as well is yet to be decided.

After all, most of the complaints from fans had to do with the graphics and effects in the game, which seem very outdated. That could just be because of the way the trailer was edited, or it could not be. I suppose we won't truly know until Mighty No. 9's release date on June 21, 2016!

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