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I want to maintain that the internet is still a pretty awesome place most of the time. The community here at this site is evidence to that fact, I would think. Still, there's a side of it that we all know is just waiting for something to get mad about. With the delay of No Man's Sky announced earlier this week, the ugly side of the internet came out. Developer Sean Murray tweeted yesterday that he's actually received death threats over the delay. I wish I could say I was surprised. Still, he seems to be taking it in stride.

I'm imagining a room full of developers cranking away while surrounded by pillows and various booby traps. I wonder if they put a blow torch at the door? I doubt it. That sounds like a liability nightmare. Loads of support was thrown Sean's way with the majority of fans being understanding of the delay. Also, since this is the internet, photoshop happened.

Work on No Man's Sky is still continuing with an expected release date of August 9 here North America. Murray and team promise to make up for the delay by bringing out their absolute best. He'd also like to be informed when it's safe to leave the office because setting up Home Alone style traps has its pitfalls, as it turns out.

Are you excited for No Man's Sky?


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