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The world of Minecraft got even more inclusive (and surreal) yesterday as the first real world company sets up an operational office within the world of Minecraft.

Norwegian based company, Heisholt are the first company ever to set up a working office within the world of Minecraft. The company first purchased the land they needed to build their new office from the server. They then went about building their dream office block in all its pixelated glory.

The new office is open during business hours and allows users to do business, attend meetings or even just use the facilities. The new office block is built to the company’s exact specifications. It includes open plan office space for the workers with several conference rooms and a grand reception hall complete with large screen TV.

Taking advantage of the open space around them they have allowed for lush green gardens and tranquil mill ponds to surround the new site.

This is certainly a massive, innovative step forward in regard to business. Could it be that video games could take over as the number one destination for companies to do business? Eric Heisholt said

The way people interact, talk, build and create inside Minecraft is full of power, intelligence, collaboration and innovation. This is an equally important world for millions and millions of people, and we truly believe we can have new discussions leading to new answers, inside Minecraft.

This is one slick move by Heisholt, to harness the millions of users that log onto Minecraft each day is inspired. I wouldn’t mind the supermarkets getting involved in this – being able to game and do my shopping at the same time would be tremendously helpful.

I have said it before but I cannot emphasise enough just how astounding the world of Minecraft is becoming – it would seem that this once obscure game is soon to become the world’s leading one stop shop for all your ‘real’ worldly needs.

Who will be the next to follow? Google, Amazon? Is this incredible or what!?

Source: Heisholt Inc


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