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Destiny and Minecraft are two well known and largely popular games, with roughly 25 million people having played the former and around 100 million having played the latter. Myself and many others have poured plenty of hours into both of these games.

However one of the reasons Minecraft is one of the most played and popular games as of right now, is because of the ability to build whatever you want with its endless amount of supplies. The game's limit is your imagination, and people have gone on to build quite impressive objects. Some from scratch, and others from already existing properties. Well it seems Redditor infered5 has gone on and spent hundreds of hours building the world of Destiny in Minecraft and let me tell you, it's nothing short of spectacular.

It features actual elements from the game like choosing your class, shooting enemies with your gun, fighting in PvP, and receiving engrams that you can trade into the Cryptarch to get actual loot! Also you can visit locations like the Reef, the Cosmodrome, and more!

Here are some amazing examples of his work:

Welcome To The Tower!

I See You There Cryptarch, Where's My Exotic??
I See You There Cryptarch, Where's My Exotic??

Take A Look Inside!

Enemies Incoming!

The Cosmodrome Is Looking Good!

Creator Infered5 told

We have the Cosmodrome built from the Steppes to the Divide, through the breach and through the Devils Lair, nothing Mothyards and beyond is made. The Moon was made with worldpainter as a proof of concept, but has no underground areas. Very bland. The Cosmodrome was built by hand and has much more detail. The Tower and Reef are built in their entireties.

People have been recreating game areas in Minecraft for a long time, but this is one of the best I've seen. This world is currently only accessible on PC.

You can check out the 'Let's Play' below to see more of the world.

Source: Reddit

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