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Injustice: Gods Among Us was something that completely shocked me: I expected a fun Mortal Kombat clone with DC characters and a mediocre story. NetherRealm proved me wrong and gave me my new all time favorite tournament fighter with fun combat, a great story, and a great roster of characters.

With the many rumors and reports of a sequel to be announced at E3 this year, I figured it was time to give my thoughts on what characters should return to the game and what new characters should be added. While the roster for Injustice: Gods Among Us was great, there were a couple problems I had with it, such as way too many Batman characters and Ares and Killer Frost were probably the lamest characters of the roster. For the sequel, the roster really needs a boost since there are so many characters that could make for great fighters in a game like this.

Returning Characters

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Batgirl, Shazam, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Cyborg, etc. Basically I say bring back the entire roster (including the DLC characters as normal members of the roster) from the first game but leave out characters like Ares, Killer Frost, Scorpion, and Doomsday.


Like I said, there are so many DC characters that could make for great new additions for the sequel. Brutes, lightweights, brawlers, gunners, etc. Why don't we start with more obvious characters such as...

The Red Hood

I know I said that there were too many Batman characters in the first game but you know they are still going to bring in more characters from that universe and considering the rising popularity of the Red Hood character, I am more than certain that they will attempt to bring him in. Hopefully he won't be as cheap as Deathstroke was.

The Blue Beetle

Flight, tons of weapons that he can generate from his armor, plus some awesome hand to hand combat? Jaime Reyes' Blue Beetle has potential to be the best character in the whole game. Plus the character deserves more love and since he was praised in the Young Justice show, maybe it'd be wise to bring him back. Speaking of Young Justice...


Since Aquaman was considered to be one of the best characters from the first game, perhaps bringing in his just as awesome protege would surprise those who don't know him that well and make fans of Young Justice happy. Maybe even bring Khary Payton to voice him? Hey I can dream can't I?

Reverse Flash

More Flash villains need to appear in Injustice 2, not just because of their popularity on the CW series but they are overall just great villains who could make great fighters such as Reverse Flash. Green Lantern got Sinestro, Shazam got Black Adam, Wonder Woman got Ares, why not give Flash his own nemesis? Hopefully do more variation and not just make a yellow clone of the Flash.

Gorilla Grodd

Since the character already appeared in the first game in the background of one of the venues, why not bring him back as a playable character? Maybe he could be the first fast moving brute character other than Bane?

Captain Cold

Since Killer Frost was such a dull character, why not replace her with another Flash villain related to ice? Pretty COOL, huh? Huh? Huh? Okay...never again. Where Killer Frost was simply a powerhouse character, you could make Captain Cold a good mixture of a brawler and a gunner.


Since Doomsday was also a disappointment considering he was just a brute with little to no interesting combos or special moves, I say chuck him out and replace him with the best brute character: Amazo. Since he was one of the League's biggest threats, it'd be fun to play as him. He has the combat of Wonder Woman, the strength of Superman, the speed of the Flash, and many other things he stole from the League.

Beast Boy

Since Cyborg and Nightwing both mention the Titans in the first game and Raven was a playable character, it'd be logical to bring in more members of the fan favorite team. Powerhouse and brawler character is how I see Beast Boy, with each punch and kick his hand or foot could transform into that of an animal and for special moves, each one involves a different animal.


As a huge Superman fan, the lack of Superman characters in the first game was very disappointing. Luckily General Zod and Lobo were introduced later in DLC and were completely awesome but still there needs to be more: such as Metallo, who also had a cameo in one of the venues. Not sure if he would be a brute character or a brawler but either way, with his many abilities I think Metallo could be a great character.


Pretty obvious this one would be a full on powerhouse type character like Sinestro or Black Adam were and Brainiac could end up being one of the most powerful characters. Maybe even the main villain of the second game?


Continuing with characters who made cameos in the first game, since the character has gotten popularity thanks to Suicide Squad comics, the upcoming movie, and animated films, it's another logical character to add in but this character also has potential to be a spamming character considering the amount of guns he uses but if they just do what they did for Erron Black from Mortal Kombat X then they are fine.

Poison Ivy

Okay this will be the last Batman character I put on this list since we don't need anymore Batman characters but Poison Ivy is a character that should have been in the first game: all the different abilities should could have with her powers could lead to yet another great powerhouse character.


Supergirl is a great character, she's lovable, kind, and fun loving...oh and she's a major badass when she wants to be. Putting her in the roster is a must as long as she's not just a clone of her cousin. It'd also be great because of her popular TV show on CBS/CW.


This is the perfect character from the Superman world to add to the game because despite him being a literal clone of Superman, his powers and skills are vastly different: first off he can't fly so he'd immediately become more of a brawler character than a powerhouse.

Black Canary

No not that butchered and horrible character from the CW show, I'm talking about the REAL Black Canary. The detective turned superhero named Dinah Lance who has the power to let out an ultrasonic screech. Brawler and powerhouse combined for this character. Since Green Arrow is a character and he mentioned her in the first game, again it's only logical to bring her in...and I suppose her inexplicable popularity on Arrow will help. Now we have most of the Birds of Prey team in the game!

Red Tornado

Going full Powerhouse for this one, Red Tornado could be like something like Raiden meets Raven in terms of his powers but with the combat like Superman. I feel like he'll be like how Lex Luthor was int he first game: many will think he'll be a lame character but will end up being a fan favorite.

Kid Flash

Can't go wrong with Wally West AKA Kid Flash. A character who I am so happy has risen in popularity over the years because of shows like Young Justice and the recent DC Comics. It'd be nice if he is involved in the story and is given a great skill set.


By far the most underrated speedster ever, Impulse is one of my personal favorite DC heroes of all time who just barely makes it below Barry Allen's Flash. He's a toddler in a pre-teen's body and he's also one of the fastest speedsters. Once again, he'd be a great addition to the story and he must be given a unique skill set.

So those are my personal picks for the Injustice 2 roster, there are tons more character I could go through but then the game would be out by the time you finished reading it. So what were your thoughts on these choices and who else would you pick?


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