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Overwatch is an uber fast paced first person, hero based shooter that takes multiplayer gameplay to a whole new level. The characters in Overwatch are diverse, brash and full of swagger. Every character found within the game is totally unique, each with their own distinguishing personalities, personas and skills.

If you are new to Overwatch you may find that you see some of these heroes used more than others. As we are still in the early stages of player development - this is for a very good reason – they are the most powerful heroes to use for the intermediate level Overwatch player.

As a newcomer to the game you may find it somewhat frustrating being blown up by the same characters, using the same weapons time after time, however, we have put together a quick and easy guide to help all you out. Here is how you are able to offset the difference and gain the upper hand against those brutish heroes.


The stun and gun, son of a gun! Roadhog is a tank – a well armoured hero with a high damage output capacity. The character is a monster and the obvious choice to the newcomer. This brute is also deadly in the hands of the more experienced player. Your best counter character will be Mei – this characters invincibility will easily overshadow the hogs chaingun attack and the speed of Mei means that you will easily be able to out manoeuvre the oversized thug.

Our second suggestion here is to stay clear – take a Bastion and set up at a tactical distance overlooking a tactical choke point and dish out the pain from a turreted stance. By the time the hog gets to you he will be toast. If he decides to hide and heal himself it still takes him out of the equation for your team mates to make their move on the objective.

If long range tactics are not your thing then the only real option you have to counter the tank with another tank Reinhardt or Winston are number one and two for me but you can’t go too far wrong choosing another Roadhog. Play a defensive game with either of these tanks and you should come out on top.


The sniper class in Overwatch – the only hero that can scope in on a target. This makes her devastatingly advantageous when defending an objective. Widowmaker can spot enemies coming in from a mile away and will drop you like a sack of s*** if you attack her head on. This character is one of the most powerful in the game from a distance but up close she can be taken down a lot easier than others.

Most Widowmakers wil be up high – this furthers her advantage, the further away she is the more deadly she is. If you do find yourself falling foul of the Widowmaker’s scope, take a hero like Winston or D.Va boost up and out of her ADS and attack her up close and very personal. Rising up to her level nullifies her advantage and by moving quickly you make it harder for her to scope you out. With one of the lowest health pools in the game, Widowmaker quicly becomes one of the easiest foes to take out if approached from the right vantage point.

You can even take one of the ninja brothers as these guys can both climb walls. The choice is yours.


Widely considered to be the most annoying hero in the game due to the fact that it can heal itself and turn any hero into Swiss cheese in a matter of seconds. But there are ways in which this uber strong, bird loving robot can be dismantled.

Your best bet is to take the stealth approach, take Reaper or Tracer and go in unnoticed – sneak or teleport behind the entrenched heathen and give it what for. If the stealth approach is not necessarily your thing then you can always choose a hero with a deflecting ability. Maybe choose a character like Genji or even Zarya – (if close enough)deflect the bullets back at the turret, turning its strength into its weakness.

Or, you could take on the role of the Widowmaker and plant a few slugs into the turret from afar – this will knock the robot off its hinges in no time.

Soldier 76:

The all rounder – the character that most shooter fans will feel most at home with. 76 is an all rounder that has the ability to heal himself and others – with these irreplaceable abilities you are highly likely to find this hero in most of your games. With a basic run and gun set up there is nothing necessarily specific that can be picked out to target. Your best bet is to use a more agile hero to take out Soldier 76 – Lucio or Roadhog are my number one soldier 76 destroyers.


The biggest and most imposing character in the game (personally). This is one big ass tank of a hero. Complete with large health pool, big guns and its own shield this character is a solid choice for any new Overwatch player. He can be beaten though – here’s how.

Either team up and all blast the shield at once – Reinhardts shield does deteriorate as it takes damage if multiple players concentrate their fire onto the shield he will be exposed in no time. Bastion or Pharah are amongst the best characters to counter the Reinhardt – this turret will rip through the shield faster than any other hero.

You could consider using Junkrat to shoot over the shield thus nullifying one of Reinhardts major advantages.


One of my personal favourites just because he looks so damn cool! This hero can manipulate time and space – he can momentarily become untouchable, teleport and dual wield. In order to beat this hardened character your best bet is to choose a hero that can withstand the most damage. You could take Reinhardt, he has a shield that you can engage at a moment’s notice and you have the armament to withstand an attack that you may not have shielded against.

Or, you can go for a character that can phase the Reaper long enough to kill him – go for McCree or Mei. Beware not to time it wrong however, you only get one chance against the Reaper – timing is everything.

The best choice though is to go for Zarya. Zarya’s projected barrier is able to stop the reaper’s killing spree dead in its tracks and as the Reaper relies solely on kills to maintain health this becomes a weapon works twofold against the Reaper. This gives Zarya the advantage every time when left one on one with the Reaper.


This happy go lucky, grenade lobbing S.O.B is the bane of many a Overwatch players life. This frantic grenade loving hero can obliterate an entire enemy team with one barrage of effective grenade launching. However, although these grenades are powerful, they are very tricky to aim. The best way to combat the Junkrat is to move fast and to get up close. Use Tracer to weave your way through the arena and up into the Junkrats personal space. Get in close and let him have it. Do watch out for the bear traps though – any Junkrat player worth their salt will recognise the fact that they are weak to close quarter attack and protect themselves appropriately.

Tracer is a good bet but I would air on the side of Pharah – this character is almost impossible to hit in the air and the blasts from the rockets will most likely destroy all traps that the rat can set. Out of all the characters Pharah is by far the best equipped to deal with a RIP-Tire .

Of course, we all have different play styles and different ways of handling situations. This is merely a guide put together to hopefully help players that are new to the game. You may have other opinions on what works best and if so, do please include those suggestions in the comments. We are a community of gamers - here to help – let’s get nerdy and teach these new players how to play like pros.

Share your gameplay tips below!


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