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Overwatch is quickly becoming one of the most popular games out there right now and rightfully deserves so. The videogame quickly accumulated 9.7 million players in its open beta. These numbers are insane when you take into account that it also garnered 4.8 billion minutes in playtime. All of that aside the game is now released and seems to be just as popular if not more. A huge part of the popularity is how different it is compared to other games and the vast majority of characters to choose from. If you want more information on Overwatch definitely check out this article and for more knowledge on each of the character check this one out.

We are here however to talk about the newest addition to the already impressive Overwatch character list. It turns out that Blizzard is teasing a new short centered around Soldier 76 taking place in Dorado this Monday. A French theater chain was the one to tease that a new character would also be announced. In the promo image from the theater you can see they talk about the inclusion of new characters. Although the site now claims it was typo and a mistake that doesn't mean it's not true at all, so the speculation began.

The site Neogaf has developed quite a thread with clues pointing towards there being a new character added this Monday. The clues all range from snippets of behind the scenes footage to in game content so lets go over that right now. These are all compiled from others and you can find the original links in the Neogaf website if you'd like to investigate more. Here are the first clues into the new character we might see.

1.) Blizzard has said they're currently testing two new heroes, and implied they're either a Support and a Tank or two Supports.
2.) The map this short takes place on is Dorado. This gives us our first clue. Way back in November, people noticed that there's a table in Dorado with files for Soldier 76/Jack Morrison and Sombra. Given Soldier 76 is Jack Morrison, this only leaves the mysterious Sombra file, which would fit with a Soldier 76 vs. Sombra animated

Okay, maybe this isn't that much of information to conclude that we are in fact getting a new character in Overwatch this Monday. The next clue might be the most promising of them all as there in fact might be concept art for the character "Sombra"

As new maps were added into the game during the Spring, pictures of a mysterious hooded figure, sometimes with the name Sombra attached, started appearing in other new maps such as Route 66, and we started getting a much better picture of her

In the game you can also hear other characters speak of the mysterious new "Sombra" as well. There's also a gamespot for the game where there's Sombra's alleged weapon for the game.

4.) Reaper has a dialog line that says "Where is Sombra when you need her?" This implies she's a field agent and presumably a villain, something the game is rather low on (there are only five right now between Reaper, Widowmaker, Junkrat, Roadhog, and Symmetra).

5.) In the first GameSpot Overwatch video, there's a sniper scope with a similar symbol to the one on Sombra's mask.

It just doesn't end with hearing other characters speak of the new character but also the character being in the character selection screen! According to the other clue we can see Sombra in the character selection.

In a later GameSpot video (I think), they really messed up and actually have her in the character selection screen and you can see she's in the Support section.

It also gets more interesting as we see there's more of of the mysterious new character that Blizzard has put out regarding the Soldier 76 short.

And today, Blizzard put up a teaser for their Soldier 76 video saying it takes place on Dorado, and someone who is very plausibly Sombra is in the teaser image.

The last and most interesting of the clues is that which might give us hints as to how Sombra might fit into the Overwatch story.

Some people seem to think that Sombra is Pharah's mother given she has some similar clothing elements like the jacket collar and is also a sniper. Pharah's mother is supposed to have died at some point in the past, but Jack Morrison (Soldier 76) and Gabriel Reyes (Reaper) were also supposed to have died in Overwatch's civil war, so it's entirely plausible she """died""" in the same event. It's worth noting that Reaper wears his exact same old outfit, but with a black trench coat and mask added, and it's very Blizzard like to use the exact same plot gimmick on three separate characters, so this isn't an entirely implausible theory. I've included an image of the old Overwatch group below if you want to make comparisons.

We can all only wait and see what this new short from Overwatch with Soldier 76 might mean for the game. If we do in fact get a new character during the short to use in the game it wouldn't be the first time that Overwatch has done this. The game has already teased another character before in the same way Sombra seems to be getting teased. In the game map Hanamura we got a tease to the character D.Va so it's nothing new if Blizzard is in fact teasing us with Sombra.



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