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If you didn't already know, Pokémon are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year with year-long Mythical Pokémon events!

Born on a cold seafloor, it will swim great distances to return to its birthplace - Manaphy Pokédex Entry in Diamond.

Manaphy was the last Pokémon in the Sinnoh Pokédex, and first appeared in the Generation IV games Diamond and Pearl when traded across from Pokémon Ranger.

Manaphy Stats

Manaphy is a Water Type Pokémon. Unlike most mythical Pokémon it has the rare ability to be able to breed. Eggs hatched from a Manaphy become Phione, which while it is in the Manaphy family, does not actually evolve into a Manaphy.

Fun Fact: Manaphy and Ditto are the only two Pokémon that are able to breed but are unobtainable through breeding.

How to get Your Manaphy?

Image courtesy of GamerGuides
Image courtesy of GamerGuides

Manaphy is available between June 1st and June 25th for all owners of Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X and Y. To claim your Manaphy simply load up your game on your 2DS or 3DS. Instead of continuing your save like you normally would do, simply click the mystery gift, and connect via internet.

Once received you can pop into any PokéCenter in your game and collect your prize from the girl standing by the counter. Hot Tip: If you own more than one of these games, you can get a free Manaphy in each one.

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