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Minecraft is fast becoming the world’s leading online past time – populated with tens of millions of players both men and women, young and old customisation and the opportunity to express individuality has become essential within the world of Minecraft.

In Minecraft Pocket Edition, players are able to change the look of their characters in multiple ways – this is mostly done by either creating your very own custom skin or downloading one that best fits your personality and play style.

Today we have put together eleven of, what we believe, to be the coolest Minecraft Pocket Edition skins for girls.

11. Cute Girl

For the all of you out there that are feeling just that extra bit special today, this is the skin for you.

10. Rainbow Hair Girl

Colour is everything in Minecraft – this skin is hugely popular with players wishing to express themselves with colour.

9. Cup Cake Girl

A tasty choice for any player wishing to venture out into the world of Minecraft – this will garner a few looks so for those looking for some attention, this is a great choice.

8. Pink Sweater Girl

For the days you just want to relax. This skin shows off natural beauty, dressed down but looking fabulous – a great Sunday skin.

7. Blue Gamer Wolf Girl

This skin just screams ‘look at me’, a firm favourite for any player out for a good time. Grabs attention and shows everyone that you are one for adventure.

6. Tomboy Girl

For those of you out there looking to express their inner tomboy. This is a great skin that allows the expression of individuality within the world of Minecraft.

5. Cowgirl Girl

Yeehaw! This country girl skin is a must have for any one out there that is planning on rounding up some cattle or thinking about attending a barn dance.

4. Dragon Daughter Girl

This is a mighty impressive skin for any fantasy fan – Game of Thrones eat your heart out. This dragon skin is the a statement piece that oozes personality. A strong skin for any adventurer.

3. Blue Panda Girl

This is (as far as I'm aware) the only skin of its type. The talking point of any gathering this skin is one of the most popular skins for girls. Cute and utterly adorable.

2. Angel Girl

The prettiest and most angelic skin for a girl to bestow unto herself is the Angel skin. For all you angelic players out there this stunning skin is a spectacular choice.

1. Super Girl

There can be no other skin better than that of Super Girls. For all you superheroes out there – this spandex attire is most defiantly the one for you. You won’t see many of these around!

These skins and many, many more are available for download from the I-Store and Google Play store. By the time you read this there will literally be thousands more skins available. The above list is just a compilation of a few of my favourites.

What is your favourite Minecraft PE skin for girls?


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