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With well over a Million people logging on to play Minecraft each and every single day the need for customisation and individuality becomes ever more essential for Minecraft players. Using the interchangeable Minecraft skins, players are now able to customise their character in a way that is best representative of their personality. It is quick and easy enough that it allows players to swap and change skins to reflect their current mood and mission.

From the kooky to the cool, today we have put together eleven of, what we believe, to be the coolest Minecraft Pocket Edition skins for boys.

11. Captain America

The Cap drops into Minecraft with this brilliant skin. With this Marvel-ous skin you can walk around as the world’s most heroic soldier.

10. Gamer Boy

Gamers unite - the perfect skin for all you gamers out there!

9. Mr Krabs

Another classic underwater character from everyone’s favourite sponge. A fun choice for any happy go lucky player. Watch out for any Plankton skins out there.

8. Chewbacca

What could be better than walking around as Chewie for the day? A Wookie is just what the world of Minecraft needs in my opinion.

7. DJ Boy

The mix master genius skin. Mixology and pixology baby!

6. Caveman

Go back to the roots of evolution and take on the role of early caveman. This brilliant skin is positively Neolithic!

5. Retro Boy

Retro is so hot right now and this skin is the best pick of the retro lot. Old school 3D glasses to boot!

4. TNT Troll

Scary and funny! Feeling particularly mischievous? If so, then this is the skin for you!

3. Slenderman

Scare the living s*** out of your friends by taking this skin and just standing dead still in the middle of the forest. A great skin for the scare mongers out there.

2. Open Mouth Steve

This brilliant skin is one of my absolute favourites within Minecraft. Pretty much resembles my own face when I saw this skin.

1. Superman

There can be no other skin better than that of Superman’s. For all you superheroes out there – this spandex attire is most definitely the one for you. You won’t see many of these around!

These skins and many, many more are available for download from the I-store and Google Play store. By the time you read this there will literally be thousands more skins available. The above list is just a compilation of a few of my favourites.

What is your favourite Minecraft PE skin?


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