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Tim Horton

The fall is all you remember – the eternal darkness has turned into eternal damnation. Set to bathe in the fires of hell for all eternity, this brand new horror is unlike anything you have ever feared before.

Agony is a first person horror game from Madmind studios. Madmind is a new studio based in Poland consisting of numerous industry veterans that have collectively worked on more AAA games than almost all other studios.

The first game to come out of the studio will be a first person survival horror called, Agony. Agony is an epic depiction of hell that sees the player plummet deep into the depths of the devils realm.

Agony is a refreshing take on the survival horror genre, in Agony the player is forced to possess demons to make their weary way through the bowels of hell itself. The end goal is to make it back to the gates of Hell and out of Lucifer’s fiery grip.

The game already looks immensely promising - the studio have recently released a cinematic introduction to the concept, which in itself, is pretty scary. Take a look.

Overcoming the stench of death is only the beginning - the road is long – Agony will test your mind as well as your soul. This is certainly one of the most promising horror games set to release in 2017.

Will you be playing Agony?

Agony is set to release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2017.