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Like many video games and movies, reboots and remakes are rife. And these perpetual attempts to make us experience the same thing which we saw only a year or two prior, is becoming abit of a depressing trend in the entertainment industry.

But! The new Doom instalment is spectacular, never has murdering satanic creatures in a conveyor belt fashion ever been so good. Not only is the game play great and the title is full of cool easter eggs, but even the soundtrack has something creepy in store.

One of the game’s songs, “Cyberdemon,” reveals the awesome, yet disturbing easter egg through a spectrogram. For those not familiar with that term, myself included before a quick Google was required, it is:

A visual representation of the spectrum of frequencies in a sound or other signal as they vary with time or some other variable

So pretty much just a picture of sound, pretty cool right? Well, if you consider hidden pentagrams and triple sixes cool. Check the video showing the discovery below!

It is nice to see game developers going to such lengths to implement a such a small detail. I can never understand how some people even find such things as this! Maybe there is a secret society for easter egg hunters? Perhaps the next secret will be the image of a goat's head if the box art is held under a UV light, you just never know...


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