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It's another year and still no word if we're ever getting Half-Life 3 anytime soon, which is kind of sad. We got Half Life 2 a decade ago and with its release, many fans were left wondering and hoping for a sequel. The wait is getting excruciating as fans have now turned to poking fun at the thought of ever getting the game. We have all seen the crazy yet funny ways people try to connect anything and everything towards signs that Half Life 3 is happening. All of that aside however here 3 Easter eggs you could try getting in Half Life 2 to hold you until Half Life 3 does get announced.

1.Radiohead Made It Into The Game... Sort Of

If you are a fan of Radiohead this one might be quite interesting and it's pretty damn hard to find. A player of the game actually managed to uncover this very discreet Easter egg inside of a car. This particular Easter egg is right at the beginning of the game after Alyx speaks with Dr. Kleiner and Eli. You will have to take notice of the steering wheel of the van that appears. You will notice a bear that is used by Radiohead on several of their promotions. It was used to promote the album Kid A, as well as their EP.

2. Freeman Is Also A City?

This is yet another one of those you have to think about and do a little research for. We all know that Gordon Freeman is arguably one of the greatest video game characters of all time. The name Freeman, however, also belonged to a city in the United States. This particular Easter egg points that out and is in an alley where you can see some graffiti and a bar code. The numbers below the barcode are 24724, which is the area code for Freeman, West Virginia.

3. Another Equation?

Okay, this might be a bit out there, but I still believe counts as a pretty cool Easter egg. Many players began finding another bizarre form of graffiti that was more of an equation. The equation was one for resistance, which is Resistance = Rho x Length/Area. It wasn't exactly written out that way. As you can see in the picture above, the R is backwards and the A is the anarchy sign. It makes a lot of sense for a game such as Half-Life to have a physics equation as an Easter egg.

There you have it! That's three (or should I say four) Easter eggs you should definitely look out for next time you play Half-Life 2: Episode One. I know these Easter eggs might not be enough to satisfy your need for Half Life 3, but it's nice going back down memory lane. If you think about it, these three Easter eggs could be a clue to something bigger: I named a total of three which can only mean Half Life 3 confirmed?


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