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Tim Horton

After 25 years Capcom have finally lifted the veil of mystery that has hung over two of the game's most mysterious fighters.

Street Fighter 2 is chock-a-block with legendary characters from the rugged to the petit; the series holds within it some of the most iconic fighters in video game history.

But who are these two?

With so much emphasis from Capcom on character individuality, the introduction of two unnamed fighters in the opening sequence of Street Fighter 2 was so out of sorts that it had the community up in arms.

There is many a fan theory that can be found online but none failed to nail down the truth. Until now, this mystery has gone unsolved – we have waited 25 years for an answer and today we have it.

Allow me to introduce Max and Scott – the two fighters that have alluded you for so long. It is only now with the imminent launch of Street Fighter V’s new story mode DLC, that Capcom have decided to flesh out the story behind the two mystery fighters.

You can see that now they even have their very own bio (Japanese, of course) and rumours are that they are to play a much greater role in the series as time goes on.

Would you like to see Max and Scott introduced to the series?


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