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The battle between good and evil is set to continue with news of a new Fable game being in development.

It is the end of an era - the news that Lionhead Studios was to close its doors for the last time came as a devastating blow to countless gamers across the world. Lionhead - which incidentally is named after Mark Webley’s hamster - was sold to Microsoft back in 2006. In March 2016, the cooperation announced that it was planning on closing the studio.

Lionhead Studios were working on Fable Legends at the time of the announcement and said that they would endeavour to continue the development of the game, a last hurrah, if you will. However, a month thereafter, the studio was forced to pull development entirely, meaning that Fable Legends would never make it to fruition.

Before Lionhead was dismantled completely however, a few key developers went to Microsoft with the proposition of continuing on with the Fable series. They inquired into the accusation of a license which, incredibly, was granted.

This group of developers has since gone on to form a new studio called, Flaming Fowl Studios, whether or not this studio is named after a pet is still unverified?

This new studio led by Creative Director Mike West is now finalising development on a new Fable game that the team were working on back at Lionhead. The game is not Fable Legends but still sounds utterly fantastic. The game known as Fable Fortune, is a free-to-play collectible card game similar to the likes of the insanely popular Hearthstone game.

The team have turned to Kickstarter to complete the project due to the fact that they are no longer working with a publisher. This is a great move in my book – this way the community will have a greater say in the next Fable game to hit the market. Finalising the project in the public space is great for both developer and end user – each party is able to come together to shape the final product.

Although the game veers away slightly from their usual genre, the game will retain the same core themes that made the original Fable series so great. It will all take place within Albion, the play will still allow players to choose between good and evil and the new game will most definitely include the same levels of kooky Fable humour as ever before.

Fable Fortune will work in a similar way to other card based games – players must build a deck and reduce the opposing player’s health down to zero. The game can be played alone, in teams or one on one. I assume that this will also run in seasons like the competitors.

Flaming Fowl Studios are looking to raise $365,385 to complete development on Fable Fortune. Considering the popularity of card based games right now this is certainly one to watch for the future. I very much look forward to seeing what is next for this talented bunch of developers.

Fable Fortunes will release on Xbox One and PC. There are plans to extend into mobile gaming later on in the year.

A new Fable IS on the way! Are you as happy as I am?

Source: Kickstarter


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