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An image showcasing a remastered area of Liberty City has been spotted online. Are we heading back to the gritty streets of Liberty City in GTA VI?

The image comes from a video game design artist who is currently working with Rockstar on GTA VI. The image in question was recently uploaded to an online resume site by in game artist, Adam Paige. He added a variety of images to his portfolio but one stood out more than the others.

The image that has caused such a stir online clearly depicts a current gen remaster of the middle park area of GTA IV’s Liberty City. The image has apparently been created by the artist for Rockstar as part of his current employ. Experts are suggesting that this is a still from a much larger piece. Take a look.

With rumours of the ‘the biggest GTA world ever’ being in the works, the game theorists out there are putting two and two together and suggesting that the first port of call could Liberty City.

The image was first spotted by users of GTA Forums, according to them; the image has apparently been created using the RAGE engine in GTA VI’s game world.

These rumours are not without fathomable reasoning either. This all follows on from ex-Rockstar North president, Leslie Benzies stating that creating one big GTA world in which all GTA locations exist was certainly something the team were looking onto.

one big world containing all our cities [that] let the player fly between them and revisit their favourite areas.

A GTA universe? Oh my, yes! That sounds like one of the greatest ideas in video game history. One universe where players can drive, sail or fly to their favourite GTA locations from across the series – amazing.

Of course, as with anything like this we must urge you take this latest theory with a pinch of salt. This could always be a porting exercise or even just an experimental image to see what the new Liberty would look like on current gen machines.

At the same time we may be in for the best Grand Theft Auto experience ever if any of the above information turns out to hold any water.

What are your thoughts on an all inclusive GTA world?

Source: GTAForums


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