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Summer is finally here and that means many gamers will have to find something to do in the waking hours that they aren’t playing Overwatch. Instead of possible summer reading, maybe some good narrative based gaming could be just what the doctor ordered. This week’s Humble Bundle goes heavy on the story. Her Story, Read Only Memories and Cibele are the three story driven games included in the bundle this week.

Her Story is a Full Motion Video game centered on solving a mystery using tape recorded conversations and testimony to piece together a man’s disappearance. The game is designed and written by Sam Barlow, who also produced and wrote Silent Hill: Shattered Dimensions and Silent Hill: Origins. The story is a lot of the gameplay in Her Story as the real challenge for the player stems from paying close attention to the video clips to progress.

Cibele is an adventure game that focuses on how video games interact with relationships. The player follows the titular character through a version of an MMO. As she adventures through her game, the player gets more invested in her burgeoning online romance. Nina Freeman, Cibele’s creator, has included artifacts from her real life in Cibele. All of these little details go a long way in establishing a story that feels all too real.

Read Only Memories is a point and click cyberpunk adventure game. The game is heavily influenced by ‘90s point and click adventures. So, if you loved the feel of Grim Fandango Remastered last year or dig Double Fine’s early work there is a lot of value in Read Only Memories. Once again the mystery you are trying to solve is centered on a missing friend but, this time the player finds themselves in a technologically advanced dystopia.

Speaking of Double Fine, their latest game, Broken Age is featured along with these three games if you pay more than $4.12 for the bundle. 80 Days and Sorcery! Parts 1 and 2 come along with Broken Age at that price.

If you spring for $10 on these games, the bundle includes the extended edition of Shadowrun Hong-Kong. This game has garnered rave reviews and is completely worth a look. So, if you’re bored and looking for a good story to get you through these early summer months, this week’s Humble Bundle should have you covered.

Have you played any of these games in this week’s Humble Bundle before?

Source: Humble Bundle Website


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