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The Sims franchise is a series of life simulator games where you literally play the role of a person going through life's ups and downs. You can name your Sim, choose what they look like, dress them up, craft their personality, get a job, build their skills- the options are infinite!

Well, not exactly.

Same-sex relationships have always been around, but it wasn't until The Sims 3 that same-sex Sims could get married. The LGBT community rejoiced, but there were still some restrictions- until now.

The Sims 4 is the first game in the entire series to tear down the walls of gender identity.

Previously, there were set restrictions to where male or female Sims could not wear specific clothes, have certain hair styles, and other notable road blocks. Now, with a coming update to the game, your Sim, whether male or female, will be able to dress, talk, walk and act in any way they want.

There is no masculine or feminine presets; literally every option is open to any gender!

To put the cherry on top, players will have the ability to change the gender of their Sim whenever they want. Plus, the player has the ability to choose which Sims are capable of reproduction.

EA, you've done it.

Who else is excited for the gender barriers to disappear in The Sims 4? Sound off in the comments!


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