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I am aware that I am late with this but I have been trying to play so much of this game before I can do it justice in a review. What game am I talking about? Well it's a small indie game which has captivated players called Stardew Valley. I've put several months into the game and you know what? I still haven't done everything the game allows me to do but I have done enough that I feel like I finally can review the game.

Some of you may remember a fun little series called Harvest Moon, as a kid I had a blast with the series and I even loved some of the later entries into the series like Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, however it mysteriously has died since that game which is a shame and with the newest game apparently cancelled, it seemed that the beloved franchise had come to an end...but then a game came along and became the spiritual successor to Harvest Moon and that would be Stardew Valley.

Your character that you create was given a letter from his or she's grandfather on his death bed as he tells you to only open it when you are tired of the modern world. Years later you open it and inside is a deed to your grandfather's old farm in Stardew Valley. When you arrive at said farm, it is a bit worse for wear but it is yours to take care of. From then on you can raise crops, raise and tend animals, go fishing, mining, and way way more.

Sure it's always fun to go in guns blazing in something like Doom or experience an epic story like in the Mass Effect Trilogy but sometimes it's good to sit back, relax, and immerse yourself with something that's so laid back and fun and that's what Stardew Valley is, pure fun. The tasks on your farm are always fun, the many characters you meet throughout the game, the visual aesthetic of the game is always nice to look at, and the amount of content is just perfect. From the moment you start the game, you are given so much to work with at your own speed and choice that it's honestly a good way.

What is a common issue with games these days? Many are honestly too short so developers can drain money out of us with DLC just to make the game seem longer than it actually is, the best example being Destiny. We already paid sixty dollars for a game, just give us a full game. With Stardew Valley, there is so much content that it justifies it's $15 price and then some, if this was $60 it would still be justified. It's not just growing vegetables and taking care of cows and chickens. There's fruit which you can turn into wine, juice, or even jelly. There's all kinds of animals to raise: chickens, ducks, rabbits, cows, sheep, goats,...demon chickens and dinosaurs. You can have mushrooms grow in a cave or have fruit bats live there and they can give you fruit.

But you're not just stuck to your farm, you can go to the local mines and battle monsters while mining for gems and ore which will definitely help you on your farm. You can also go to the lake, river, and ocean and catch a plethora of fish. You can go searching through the entire valley and forage items to sell. Basically? You're not going to be running out of stuff to do in this game for a long time.

But all work and no play can make you a dull game so you can travel to the village where you can meet the many people who are all very well written and interesting characters. A couple characters may seem like jerks at first but with enough time, you can grow to like them and see why they act like they do. Not only can you make friends with these people, you can even fall in love with somebody; it doesn't matter if you are a guy or girl, you can marry a man or woman who suits your fancy. Personally I went with Abigail because she's a gamer who has a Super Nintendo and a Chrono Trigger poster in her room!

What I love most about Stardew Valley is the amount of variety and the fact that no playthrough is exactly the same. Want to dedicate your entire farm to raising animals and selling the products that come from them? You can. Want to create dozens of kegs and turn your farm into a brewery? You can. Want to dedicate your time to the mine and sell the gem and ores you find? You can. Want to do a mixture of many things? You can. The game doesn't force you down one path, it allows you to choose your life in Stardew Valley to be whatever you want and I love it in every way.

The controls are fluid. The content is nearly limitless. The characters and story are fun. I've put over seventy hours into the game and I'm not going to be stopping anytime soon. Harvest Moon will always hold a nostalgic place in my heart but Stardew Valley trumps it in nearly every way. It is now one of my all time favorite games and I am so happy to give this game the ultimate rating of a 10/10.

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Ladies and gentleman, I cannot recommend this game enough. Go to Steam, HumbleBundle, or and get the game, it's definitely worth every penny and I think you will enjoy it. Hope you all enjoyed this review and I'll catch you all next time!

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