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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Admit it, ever since you were a kid you have dreamed of one day becoming a real life Pokemon trainer. We all had the toy Poké Balls that we would throw at the cat hoping that we could be just like Ash Ketchum. You probably even dreamed up your own ideas for new, original starter Pokémon and you definitely read through even the creepiest Pokedex entries. Okay, maybe that was just me but how awesome would it be if you could catch Pokémon in real life? Well now you can!...kinda!

(Although, fair warning, it's probably easier to catch that Mew that's been eluding you for the past 20 years...)

You Can Now Catch Your Very Own Charizard!

Yes you can catch your very own Charizard but there is a catch. You won't have this mega-powerful dragon Pokemon by your side but instead you'll have a creature a lot less deadly!

Yes! There is a new species of bee that was recently discovered and you guessed it, it is named Charizard! I know, pretty disappointing considering it isn't really a Pokemon but pretty awesome in it's own right!

How Is There A Bee Named After A Pokemon?

You may be wondering just how a species of bee could be named after a Pokemon and the answer is, because the scientist is awesome! Canadian Scientist Spencer K. Monckton spent some time down in Chile classifying species of bees when he came across this one in particular. Since he was the first one to find evidence of the species, he adopted the naming rights as well!

“I played the game pretty much from when it was released and I picked Charmander when I first started the game,” Monckton told BuzzFeed Canada.

You may think that he just pulled the name out of his geeky little brain but that isn't the case he said. Citing that the bee's long, yellowish snout is the main reason for the Poke-inspired name! Either way, Mr.Monckton you are a hero sir! Now go out and try to find your very own Charizard!

Of course, you'll also be able to boot up Pokemon Go in July and catch a Charizard there!


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