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Now if you're anything like me, you've been playing the North American release of the Kingdom Hearts Unchained: Chi pretty much every day for the last two months. But I couldn't help thinking what this seemingly small game means for the rest of the series.

What we know so far

Now, us NA players are much further behind our Japanese counterparts, by about 200 quests, but I wont delve too far into that aspect of things, just the basics. Of course the game primarily takes place in the new world of Daybreak Town, with other quests also taking place in the familiar worlds of Olympus Coliseum, Dwarf Woodlands, Wonderland, and Agrabah (and Beast's Castle for the Japanese release). The game also hosts our main character, which is unique to each player, with his Chirithy, a dreameater (from the looks of it) that is bonded to the keyblade and its wielder. We also get to learn more about the lore and the history of the Kingdom Hearts universe.

Keyblade Graveyard and Daybreak Town

They keyblade graveyard, as seen in Birth By Sleep, KH2 secret ending and FM secret boss (Wandering Soul, but we know it's Terra). Now, we have yet to see this world in the main KH continuity thus far, and with it yet to be announced for KH3, my theory is that Daybreak Town--the cute little city where we first meet our character-- will be the site of the Keyblade War. This may seem far fetched to others, and some may have been thinking this already, but it really is possible. As we have already seen, the Keyblade War was fought between thousands of keyblade wielders, and the only place we have ever seen them cross paths this far in the game is Daybreak town. And going back to never having seen the place before in the main continuity, there has to be a reason why we would be whisked away into Daybreak Town, and not Twilight Town (which is much more recognizable). Another big clue to this is the last line of the prophecy given to the foretellers, which reads, "By waging war on that land, Light shall face defeat and be annihilated. The world shall be engulfed in eternal darkness." Pretty telling, huh?

All of the Worlds are Sleeping

As we know from Dream Drop Distance, sleeping worlds are stuck in a loop until they are awoken. With the game taking place supposedly decades, or even centuries before the first Kingdom Hearts game (or even BBS for that matter) the only way to explain that we are meeting characters we have met plenty of times before (or in the future?) is that either 1- this entire game takes place after KH3, which is already confirmed false, or 2- Every world is sleeping. Of course, this raises two major questions, first is "Why are there no dreameaters?" and the second is "How are they awoken?" The answer to the first one is that darkness is already present in these worlds- in the form of heartless (more on that later), and with the second, they are awoken in the original Kingdom Hearts.

The Foretellers

We're introduced to the foretellers pretty early in the game, and throughout the game we learn about their story. One major point that is brought up is that there is a traitor among the 5 foretellers, the identity of we have yet to learn. We also know that the Master of Masters gave the five a book with the prophecy mentioned earlier. However we also know what there is in fact a traitor among the five, and while we don't know exactly who it is, we do know that the others were warned about the traitor in their book. That said, my theory is that there is in fact a traitor, unlike other theorists who say there isn't, however, which one it is I am unsure.

The 13 Darknesses

One of the things we know about Kingdom Hearts 3 is that the 7 Guardians of Light will face off against the 13 Darknesses. The Guardians of Light we pretty much can already guess; Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Ventus, Mickey, and Lea. I leave out Terra because he was possessed by Xehanort, so he's not exactly readily available at the moment. But the 13 Darknesses on the other hand, aren't as clear. We can guess a few such as obviously Xehanort himself, Braig (Xigbar), Young Xehanort, Vanitas, Xemnas, Heartless Xehanort/Ansem, Isa (Siax), Terra (Who as we know from DDD is basically confirmed for the 13), and Luxord, which leaves three more. We can argue about which organization members are going to be a part of the darknesses, or we can guess that there aren't any other members included. If the latter is what we know, then my guesses are Xion, Ansem the Wise, and The Traitor Foreteller. These may seem like far-fetched picks, but hear me out. Xion was a creation of the organization, and as a result pretty much just did their bidding. The inclusion of her would also give more meaning to a well developed character who was in a way just wasted on a side game. Ansem the Wise as we know was "young" Xehanorts mentor and wouldn't allow him to continue his experiments on the heart of all worlds. His inclusion would not only give the darknesses someone who most of the lights care for, but also put characters like Mickey and Riku, who were very close to DiZ/Ansem the Wise, in a very difficult situation where killing their friend may be the only way. Finally the Foreteller, we know from a traitor of KH3 where child versions of Xehanort and Eraqus are playing a game like chess, that the pieces represent the lights and darknesses. While that may be a theory, one of the pieces representing the darkness bears a symbol very close to that of the Vulpeus union. While that specific foreteller is just an educated guess, let me go back to the idea that the worlds are sleeping.

Foreteller of Darkness?

If we can all assume for a short amount of time that one of the foretellers is in fact a traitor, and is also one of the 13 Darknesses, then we can also assume that Xehanort had to have, in some way, met the foreteller. Assuming that is the case, then said traitor foreteller would make sure all of the worlds fell to darkness, thus keeping them as sleeping worlds until their keyholes would be unlocked (in KH1 and when the Door to Darkness is sealed). Now here is where falls into place. As we know from what we have seen of the keyblade graveyard now, there are four main quadrants of keyblades. 5 foretellers minus 1 traitor leaves 4 remaining unions, and where would these unions fight? Well only where they all seem to cross paths, Daybreak Town.


What do you think about the theory? Think you have a better one? Leave a comment!


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