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Cassie Benter

Inspired by P.T., Allison Road was a game that all of us psychological horror fans immediately fell in love with - as evident by how popular it became in only a couple of months. From its first look, to the news of Allison Road being picked up by Team17, there was no shortage of excitement for this magnificent looking game. However, it seems as though our excitement has to come to an end.

Several hours ago, we received this heart breaking news on Twitter:

Although no further details are currently known, it certainly sounds like the developers didn't want to cease development. Whatever happened, it sounds like it was a forced situation. Does this mean that they lost funding? Needed more team members but couldn't find any? Konami put on their angry pants? It's hard to say for sure - but when more information is released, I'll be sure to update you.

Want more info on the game? Check out the Kickstarter trailer:

In the meantime, we wish all the best to the developers, and we sincerely hope that they continue developing games in the future. It's needless to say that they showed a lot of potential. Even if we never get to see Allison Road on our shelves, I'd love to see another game by them - wouldn't you?


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