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Shenmue was a hell of a game. It had an immersive world and interesting story line tied with some pretty fun game play mechanics. It was one of a handful of games that shone on the Sega Dreamcast and the reason why I bought one in the first place. Because of the Dreamcast's ultimate demise, the second entry in the series was released on the Xbox back in 2002. To catch everyone up, it came with a DVD titled Shenmue: The Movie which featured cut scenes from the first game. The cut that they sent out with the game left out a lot of details and didn't set up the canon very well. Shenmue was huge and cramming all that story into a single DVD resulted in some important bits falling on the editing room floor. The end product was a pretty lackluster movie that didn't quite do justice to the original let alone catch people up properly on the goings on of the story.

That's why Youtube user Mr .357 decided to fix that by making his own version of the movie.

In February of 2016, I decided that by using modern emulation I could make my own version from scratch that would be far superior to the original.

It's not a short film, mind you. The full cut is around five hours long so maybe plan a day around it or break it up into installments.

Still, with Shenmue 3 confirmed to be in the works, it might be a good idea to give this movie a watch. Heck, if I still remembered where my Xbox was, I might even play the Shenmue 2 for nostalgia's sake.

Shenmue 3 is currently in development and is projected to be released by December 2017.

Source: Polygon / Mr .357


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