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Where would be without mods? Open world, RPG’s in particular, love a good mod – In the world of modding, Bethesda reign supreme. They are famed within the modding community for having some of the best games and tools for modders to work with.

Fallout 4 and Skyrim have both seen some absolutely incredible mods over the past year. Fallout 4 is Bethesda’s biggest release of 2015/16 and that too has truly embraced the modding community with the modding tools now even making it to the console versions.

Skyrim too is no stranger to incredible mods – Skyrim has seen modders create some of the strangest and most brilliant adaptations to the award winning title. This new mod however just takes the biscuit – although not available yet, this incredible mod will transform the world of Skyrim into one big Disney movie.

The official name given to this mod is Toon Skyrim – it basically transforms the environment around the character into a 3D animated world – just like many Disney movies nowadays. The mod that caused somewhat of a sensation last year can no longer, be found online – these screens are all we have so far of this enthralling project.

Speculation into whether this mod will actually come to fruition is taking hold of many modding forums online. The initial Reddit account from which the screens came from has since been deleted, so, whether or not the creator will follow through with the mod is yet to be determined. Are they keeping it a secret or were they forced to remove it? Hopefully we will know more very soon.

I, for one, would love to see this mod hit Skyrim; it would provide us with a beautifully contrasted perception of Tamriel. The world of Skyrim is unforgiving and thwart with danger – it is anything but childish. Seeing this unforgiving world represented in a Disney format would just be an incredible assault on the senses – come on creator, make this happen.

Would you like to see this Disney mod make it to the community?

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