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Concept artist and freelance illustrator David Szilagyi is on a mission to ruin your cherished childhood memories, one twisted picture at a time. Combining his love for Pokemon and the work of Stephen Gammell, Szilagyi's latest project sets out to re-write (or rather, re-draw) the Pokedex, albeit in the most nightmarish manner possible.

Stephen Gammell's influential book Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark is packed full of visually arresting images like this:

It's these kinds of images that provided the inspiration for Szilagyi's dark and disturbing portfolio. Be sure to check out his Patreon page here. Two new pictures will be posted each week, which are available to buy through the above link.

But on to the childhood-ruining Pokemon redesigns!

#001: Bulbasaur

#002: Ivysaur

#003: Venasaur

#004: Charmander

#005: Chameleon

#006: Charizard

#007: Squirtle

#008: Wartortle

#009: Blastoise

#010: Caterpie

#011: Metapod

#012: Butterfree


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