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In the 11 years since is was released, Garry's Mod has become an unregulated playground for, well, pretty much anything. Kept alive by its thriving community, the game is in a constant state of flux, with new content created every day by both professional developers and bedroom programmers.

But what to do with this liberating sandbox? These following mods -- some of the best released so far in 2016 -- offer a good place to start. From expansive new maps to surreal player models, here are our choice picks for this year's Garry's Mod addons.

9. Casual Gordon Freeman

Created by: The Frosty_Engine

It's hard to imagine Half-Life's stoic lead man wearing anything other than his standard issue HEV suit, mainly because he's never worn anything other than his standard issue HEV suit. But Valve's socialist fashion policy ends now, with the arrival of Casual Gordon.

Fancy slipping into something more comfortable after a long day of crowbarring head crabs? Or perhaps you'd prefer to don a fresh three-piece tux for a dinner date with Alyx. Download this addon now and exponentially expand this scientist's wardrobe.

8. Drones Rewrite

Created by: Mr. Mind

An update to a previous addon, this rewrite has been developed from scratch since August 2015 and provides all the drone-related carnage you could possibly want. As the creators point out:

It is completely new, last, biggest and best part of Drones which contains a lot of new drones, options, weapons and etc.

Basically, it's an irresponsible playground for flying death machines, both player and AI controlled. If that doesn't sound like a party, this game probably isn't for you.

7. Empire City

Created by: Ultiman9711

What's the use in having all of your outrageous Garry's Mod toys at your disposal if you've got nowhere to unleash them? Custom made maps are always a great reminder of this community's technical capacities and this homage to the bustling city from Infamous is a great example.

This half destroyed metropolis provides an expansive and varied sandbox and is well worth a download. FYI: It's still in public beta, so expect minor kinks.

6. FredBear And Friend's Family Diner

Created by: nicknewk28

A not-so-subtle tribute to Scott Cawthon's freaky phenomenon Five Nights At Freddy's, this mod brings off-brand anamatronics to Steam. This fictional diner is actually referenced in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 so fans of the series should definitely check out this fan-made spin-off.

5. Selfie Camera

Created by: STOCKING

This one's as self-explanatory as they come. It's 2016 ya'll: No game is complete without a selfie stick.

Capture every heartfelt moment like this one and that mantlepiece will be bustling in no time...

4. PuggaMaximus Playermodel

Created by: MonkeysInRavenholm

From the self-explanatory to the unexplainable, this is one delightful custom skin. Yes, it's a suit-wearing pug with a gun and you've already decided whether you want it or not.

3. Portable Force Field

Created by: tau

It might look and work exactly like those spidery droids' bubble shields from The Phantom Menace, but this portable force field is way cooler. Mostly because it never featured in that film, but also because this one can be deployed around your body or thrown at an ally. Never leave the lobby without one.

2. Star Wars Speeder

Created by: Fambach

One of the best things about the Steam workshop is getting access to all of its copyright-infringing toys. Sure, you can pilot a speeder bike through the stunning forests of Endor in Star Wars: Battlefront, but you can't have one collide head-on with the car from Knight Rider unless you're playing Garry's Mod.

This fan made vehicle is a little hard to get to grips with, but put some time in and you'll be weaving in and out of red barrels in no time.

1. Picolas Cage playermodel

Created by: Forever Stallone

Words seem to fail me when describing this mod, so I'll let its creator pitch you on the concept instead:

Do you like pickles? Is nicolas cage your favorite actor? Then this is your lucky day mister. You are now able to play as PICOLAS CAGE. Just do it, don't let your dreams be dreams.


What's your favorite Garry's Mod addon?


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