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As we enter into the second week in June, the industry is winding up to one of the year’s biggest and most prestigious days, E3 2016 is just days away. The Electronic Entertainment Expo comes around each year flooding the streets of L.A. with hungry gamers just itching to a get glimpse at their favourite upcoming games.

The competition is fierce, E3 is widely considered to be the best expo for developers to reveal their next big title. We already have some idea of what is to come, we know we will see the new Call of Duty, we know we will see Watchdogs 2 but today I am dreaming of what many say is the impossible. A wish list of incredible titles that would kill it if revealed at this year’s E3.

Here is my top 11 games that I would love to see at E3 2016.

11. Horizon: Zero Dawn

Set far in the future, humans have resorted back to primitive behaviour surrounded by robots – with no real sense of order our hero, Aloy, sets out to explore this brand new world. A real exploration epic set within a unique utopian future. This is one of our many epic looking titles that feature a female protagonist – signs that the industry is finally shifting momentum.

10. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor 2

I am longing to see a return of this monumentally awesome title. This highly addictive game had me hooked for hours upon hours. A welcome return to Middle Earth and the genius 'Nemesis system' would go down a storm with gamers everywhere. There have been rumours circulating for a year now that pertained to the fact that the game is already well into production, not surprising with the success gleaned from the first one.

Come on Warner Bros – surprise us with an army of Orks laying waste to the stage at E3!

9. Hellblade

This is a story that follows a young girl and her path to hell as she battles the hallucinations and manifestations created by her own mind. Inspired by an ancient Celtic myth – the protagonist, Senua, is a “a challenging female: not sexy, not skimpy, not young, not skinny, yet stunning, compelling, and believable.” Just what the industry ordered, brilliant!

8. Resident Evil 7

The phoenix rising from the ashes – an all new era of Resident Evil to revive the franchise and recapture the zombie horror market. Yes, Resi 6 was pretty great but it only served to place even more pressure on Resident evil 7. The series that hooked a generation of gamers – this classic horror has the potential to be the best zombie stomper since that time we were lost in a mansion.

I would love to see Resident Evil 7 revealed at E3 this year, Capcom this year’s E3 needs you!

7. Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt RED’s other big project; Cyberpunk 2077 looks as if it will be the biggest most futuristic open world game to date. This utopian smash is further along than many of you think – this title has been on the cards for years at RED and with increasing pressure from the fans to reveal more, a presentation at E3 looks all the more possible.

Bring it on CD Projekt RED! Don’t punk us again this year!

6. Splinter Cell 7

You heard me, Splinter Cell 7. By far, one of my favourite stealth based titles ever released. Sam Fisher a name that will live in infamy at my house – this series has amassed a rather substantial fan base, despite Blacklist being a little disappointing.

After promising that ‘Sam will be back’ we have heard nothing more from Ubisoft since. Ubisoft have already confirmed that The Division will be getting a movie adaptation, they have also confirmed that Watchdogs 2 will be revealed – what else could they have up their sleeve?

If you go to E3 – look up – you never know, Sam may very well be watching you from up in the rafters.

5. Sony’s Spider-man

Earlier in the year it was reported that Sony are currently working on a new Spider-Man game that will release exclusively on PS4 and PS4 Neo.

With Tom Holland’s Spider-Man also in the pipeline it would seem that the timing of this announcement couldn’t be more perfect. Time to swing into games again, surely?

4. Kojima’s new game

Another reported Sony PlayStation exclusive. Metal Gear may be dead but Kojima certainly is not- Hideo Kojima left Konami back in December 2015 and is now embarking on a new career as an independent developer with Kojima Productions. Kojima has already announced that the first title to come out of Kojima Productions will be a PC, PS4 exclusive and will cater to the action fans.

I have two questions: What is this mystic game about and will we see it at E3?

3. Superman/Suicide Squad game

With so many Superman/Suicide Squad hints coming out of RockSteady’s latest Arkham game - combined with their newly acquired license – must surely mean that the likelihood of some sort of new superhero venture is on the cards at Warner Bros.

Superman or Suicide squad – I don’t care, just gimme, gimme, gimme.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2 (3)

Hold your horses - Red Dead Redemption set to make an appearance? Despite Rockstar not being renowned for making any form of announcement at E3, the rumours that are circulating around a new Red Dead do seem to point towards a new game being either ready or near as dammit for reveal.

The sequel is said to feature multiple characters similar to their GTA arrangement and will feature a world far bigger than that of the last. If any of this is true I will be one happy cowboy.

Throw caution and tradition to the wind Rockstar and announce a new Red Dead at E3!

1. Zelda on the NX

Boom! Just imagine that – the announcement of the hotly anticipated NX plus a new Zelda game.

The likelihood of seeing anything of the NX from Nintendo at this year’s E3 is highly unlikely but my goodness wouldn’t it be great to see. I say this as Nintendo have stated on several occasions that the NX will not be revealed at E3 2016 – but this is something that I don’t necessarily believe.

Nintendo are notoriously sneaky, they say one thing and surprise us with another – that’s part of what makes Nintendo so great. They say they will not showcase the NX – I call bull on that, with PlayStation and Xbox apparently set to flaunt their new hardware at E3 it makes sense for Nintendo to steal the show with the NX. Doesn’t it?

That’s my list – of course, I couldn’t fit them all in, special mentions go to Borderlands 3, Saints Row 5 and Tacoma.

What games would you love to see at E3 that probably won’t make it?


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