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Telltale games are perhaps most renowned for their acclaimed The Walking Dead video game series. If you've played the games, you will know how complex and amazing they are. Thus, as you can imagine, we were incredibly excited to hear that Telltale were producing a Batman video game. After we had closed the book on the equally as amazing (and award-winning) Batman: Arkham video game series, we were left feeling just a little bit sad. The news of a new Batman game was just what the doctor ordered!

When you finish Batman games and there's no more...
When you finish Batman games and there's no more...

Well it has now been confirmed when we can expect to see the first episode of Batman: A Telltale Game Series. Telltale Games Head of Creative Communications, Job Stauffer took to Twitter to announce the release windows of both their highly anticipated Batman video game and the third season of their beloved The Walking Dead series.In the below tweet, he confirms that we will get the first episode of the Batman video game this Summer.

Furthermore, as seen above, Stauffer also confirms that we will get Season 3 of their hit The Walking Dead video game series in the Fall. He then followed it up with a teaser of perhaps some Batman related announcements at E3 by referring to the event as "Wayne Manor".

Batman will feature a "non-photorealistic" look inspired by comic book artists Jim Lee, Greg Capullo and Neal Adams. This is quite exciting as these artists are legendary for their contributions to the Batman comics. Furthermore, it will give the game a similar look to The Walking Dead series which was also rendered in the cartoon-like style of the comic books. The game will allow you to play as both Batman and Bruce Wayne and so far Alfred Pennyworth, James Gordon, Renee Montoya and Vicki Vale have been confirmed as characters.

It's going to be a big year for Telltale Games!

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