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If you're a fan of Fallout 4 or Skyrim, you've probably noticed a multitude of mods for the PC version of both games. A few days ago, a video surfaced that shows various scenes from the Rick and Morty TV show recreated in Fallout 4 using mods. Check it out here:

There are a multitude of scenes presented here and for those of you that are interested, let's breakdown what this video covers:

Passing Robot

Look At That Thing

A Bird Person Cameo

Two Brothers Trailer

The Dance Party

Rise of Snowball

Smuggling Seeds Past Customs

Real Fake Doors Ad

Holy Crap Morty Run!

Scary Terry

And last but not least, Evil Morty

So, this took quite a bit of time and effort to put together and I really appreciate projects like these because it showcases the dedication fans commit to an idea. This is just part 1 and I'm hoping for more videos like this in the future. Should the video(s) be created, I'll be here reporting on them! Rick and Morty Season 3 will be airing sometime in the fall of this year.


What's Your Favorite Rick and Morty Scene?


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