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Our favorite Overwatch heroes look amazing decked out in rocking '50s threads! We can thank Canadian illustrator and dedicated fan artist Andrew Tran for this outstanding series that shows us what it might look like if the heroes of Overwatch slicked back their hair, grabbed a milkshake, and boogied to Jailhouse Rock all night.

Tran's portfolio bio sums him up in a few short, sweet words: 'Illustrator. Gamer. Movie Geek. So if I had to pick a few to to describe his work, I'd say Technically Masterful. Visually Exciting. Just Plain Awesome.' 'Nough said, scroll on! A little less conversation, a little more action!

Greaser Junkrat

Even the RIP-tire's retro-fied. Less spike, more slick. Still no squares allowed. (Translation: I really love the attention to detail and consideration that went into adapting the existing design to fit the time period and aesthetic while adhering to the established character parameters. Further translation: Nice! Also, dig that grin.)

Rockabilly D. Va

I love how the artist has incorporated D.Va's color scheme into some totally believable rockabilly duds. It reminds me of a closet cosplay - a really good one, of course. (Actually, this entire series might give some talented cosplay fans some ideas...) Also, I'm curious to see exactly what she drives in this alternate universe. Probably the world's biggest hot rod. Speaking of...

Hot Rod Tracer

I think this is my favorite redesign. It's the details like the Union Jack scarf and how the gauntlets look actually functional and solid without being bulky (she's gotta move!), and little thoughts like black fingernail polish. One of the most important parts of taking existing characters and putting them in another setting or AU and giving them twists, is they have to stay themselves, and be believable. I believe this version of Tracer. I also believe we are gonna go fast. No matter the decade.

Greaser: 76

Intense in any 'verse. And remember what I was saying about incorporating character/design elements? What's really interesting is that almost none of that happens here. At least not from the familiar gameplay design, or what you'd expect. We get just two familiar features, the collar and shades - but no red-white-and-blue whatsoever - and we still get an instant sense of who he is. We'd know without seeing his face at all. That is a good re-design.

Retro Widowmaker

Last but absolutely not least, have some vintage pinup style. Even if she's probably lulling us into a false sense of security, and could likely kill a man with a milkshake straw alone. (Deadly spitball headshots?) I just love the composition here and how the color palette works so well, with her skin tone and 'costume' choices and even the complementary background - I'm an art nerd, and a game nerd, and I'm a little bit in love. There's just nothing here that isn't... sweet.

The Making Of: Step-By-Step Progress GIFs

Now here's something extra cool. Have an insider's look at the artistic process, in animated GIF form. (I recommend clicking to full-view!)

Ever wonder about the process that goes into the beautiful works of art you see from your favorite artists? It's a good thing to consider, for a couple of reasons.

First of all, an incredible amount of time, effort and energy often goes into rendering gorgeous images like these. Artists like Tran give us (and our favorite characters) huge amounts of their time, dedication and skills, and it's just good to appreciate all the steps that go into each piece.

Secondly, watching GIFs or videos like this is actually really helpful if you happen to be an artist, and enjoy checking out others' techniques. They're educational!

And it's just just cool as heck to see the step-by-step process! Feels kind of like getting a neat behind-the-scenes look at the 'making of,' like special bonus content. Always awesome!

You can check out more outstanding work at Tran's Facebook, Artstation gallery or official website.

What do you think? Show some love in the comments, and cast a vote for your favorite piece! But please, keep all commentary respectful. Remember that this talented artist is a human like you, giving us their work on their own time, for the love of the art and the characters. Rock on, and see you again real soon!



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