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It's been almost two weeks since Overwatch, Blizzard's first venture into the first-person shooter genre, came out. So far, interest in the game hasn't faltered in the slightest, possibly even getting larger!

Overwatch was a success story before it even came out, thanks to a successful closed beta and an even more successful open beta. The betas, plus the internet's immediate infatuation with just about every character (yes, even Bastion, that lovable scoundrel), pretty much cemented Overwatch's fame.

The main appeal behind Overwatch, for me at least, is how good it feels to play it. Every character is awesome and pretty easy to get used to, and when you win, the game makes you feel like an epic champion! Even if you lose, the game doesn't put you down because of it, still giving you XP and even giving you a chance to win another way with the 'Play of the Game'. Every player has the opportunity to be epic in Overwatch! Of course, there are times when a player just makes a mistake, and ends up "derping" all over the place. Like these not so epic player moments...

Treachery On Team Red!

This gif submitted by Reddit user CaesarDressing shows a bit of betrayal towards the enemy team by their own teammate, Roadhog. As Reinhardt is using his charge move nobly push the enemy Mercy off the map (along with him), he's saved in the last minute.

How is he saved? Well, thanks to Roadhog's hook move of course! The only problem with that is that the hook-themed rescue came from the enemy Roadhog. You could say that this was an accident, but I don't know, it kind of looked like an intentional inside job kind of thing to me...

A Huge Mei-Stake...Get It?

Speaking of obviously intentional betrayal, Mei totally meant to betray her team in this moment submitted by Reclaimer-117. Both teams have the objective at 99%, and the game has gone into overtime, all the blue team needs to do is get in there and push the enemies out. Seems simple enough, after, they have a Torbjorn.

But there's one thing they didn't count on, COLD. HARD. BETRAYAL! Which is exactly what they got when Mei decided to build an ice wall large enough to keep out wildlings right in front of the objective room. Needless to say, the other heroes won't be speaking to Mei for quite some time. Poor Mei, I'm sure she was only trying to help (I'm joking, she was obviously a double agent!).

Bastion Kills Self, Instantly Becomes MVP!

Ok, I can actually see why this is worthy of 'Play of the Game'. I mean, if you think about it, what Reddit user RSpil captured is incredibly hard to do—he failed at killing anyone with bastion. BASTION!

If you've ever played Overwatch, you know of the absolute killing machine that is Bastion. This friendly robot gets very murderous very fast when he goes into turret or tank mode. Bastion's damage is so high, that he can take out a whole enemy team and come out unscathed. So that fact that this player managed to kill no one but himself with Bastions ult is pretty impressive, and totally PotG worthy!

A Pacifist's Play Of The Game!

Okay, this one really isn't a fail on the player's part, more the game's. Reddit user ekzmlee posted this gameplay, which shows some players testing out what would happen if nobody got any kills during a match.

What resulted is a...very odd PotG, which features Zenyatta posing. Overwatch is really going to have to upgrade their PotG algorithm after this. Not exactly an impressive play, but you have to admit, a whole game full of Zenyatta's keeping the peace is quite the sight to behold!

Always Look Both Ways Before Teleporting...

Reaper has quickly become one of my favorite characters in the game. His ability to avoid damage by going into wraith form, and his epic ult "Death Blossom" make him the coolest assault hero to me!

The best thing about him, in my opinion, is his teleporting ability. Using it allows Reaper to teleport away from danger, or right behind an enemy to deliver an awesome killing blow! Of course, every good thing has its bad, a fact seen clearly in this gif submitted on Reddit by user Panpipe! Let this serve as a lesson to all telporting Reapers out there; always look out for explosive Rip-Tire's before teleporting...

A D.Vastating Situation!

Roadhog is doing great in this gif by Reddit user RubberDeBurger. D. Va? Not so much. D. Va ultimate is the easiest way to get the 'Play of the Game' (besides just being Bastion), all she has to do is eject from her mech and let it blow up the unsuspecting enemy team!

Of course, her ult can harm her, which is why it's always smart to hightail it out of there as soon as you exit your mech. She would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for that meddling Roadhog and his dumb hook!

Come On Mei...

I want to like Mei, really, I do. She's a really interesting character with some really awesome abilities, like being able to build an ice wall between her and the enemy team when things get hectic.

But this gif posted by Reddit user Komodo_Mapdit perfectly explains why so many people have a hard time fully loving Mei. Poor Winston was struck down in the heat of battle by his own teammate. Just like the first Mei gif in this article, it looks accidental, but the conspiracy theorist in me thinks otherwise. Oh Mei, you may be adorable, but behind that cute smile is a devious, diabolical monster.

This Is Why Rocket Boost's Are Dangerous!

Reddit user Iggyhopper messed up, bad. Pharah is one of the easier heroes to control in Overwatch. She fires nothing but missiles, can hover high in the air, and can even push back enemy players, so getting kills with her is pretty simple.

But just like Reaper, Pharah has some bad attributes to her. One of those is the level of cockiness playing as Pharah gives the player. When you play as Pharah, you feel like you are unstoppable! After all, you're basically a human fighter jet!

This insane boost to your ego can result in you charging headfirst into battle, without thinking and checking out your surroundings, as seen above. Well, at the very least, he went out in the coolest way...

So those are the least epic player moments in Overwatch I could find! I hope you had a great time witnessing on all the derp, and make sure to get Overwatch on PS4, Xbox One, or PC today!

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Seen An Epic Fail In Overwatch? What Was It?


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