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With just under a week to go before E3 2016, leaked images that apparently belong to Dead Rising 4 have been found online.

There have been many rumours circulating online that pertain to the existence of Dead Rising 4. For over a year now, we have speculated into the actual existence of the game. With the rumour mill in full swing, it can certainly become tough to separate the wheat from the chaff sometimes.

These latest images, however, seem to clear up a lot of the conjecture — the images seem to showcase the promotional poster, Dead Rising star Frank West, and the in-game start menu.

The leaks were spotted on ThisGenGaming where it was also reported that the game would be announced at E3 this year. These images seem to support the theory that Dead Rising 4 could be a remake of the original Dead Rising game.

In what ways? Well, we are also led to believe that Dead Rising 4 will be set in Willamette, Colorado — the same location as the first game. According to the leak it, will support four-player co-op with legendary characters such as Chuck, Annie, and Nick.

Expect the game to release on Xbox One and PC and for it to be built using the Unreal engine.

Of course, blurry images such as this have been known to not be authentic; however, this image in particular and its accompanying party have been corroborated by other big names within the business:

What you believe, then, is up to you. We will find out for sure in a few days when we get 'round to E3 2016!

What are your thoughts about Dead Rising 4? New game or remake?


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