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As we approach that momentous time of year, the eyes of the gaming world all shift towards the golden coast. The gaming world is alive with anticipation as we enter into the prestigious month of June. For the industry, June is famed for bringing with it one of the world’s biggest gaming expos of all time, the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo comes to L.A each year, flooding the streets with hundreds of thousands of gamers all eager to see the reveal of their favourite upcoming games.

E3 is widely considered to be the best place for developers to battle it out over who has the biggest and best games to release – it is veritable AAA Battle Royale with all the biggest names in the business out for blood.

What do the Now Loading staff want from E3?

We are now just days away from kick off and you, as we do, will have your own list of things that you want to see come out of the show. For me it’s all about the games – I want to see some big title comebacks this year.

We already have some idea of what is to come, for example, it is a given that we will see the new Call of Duty announced and that Ubisoft will unveil Watchdogs 2 but I want to see the return of kings.

Dreaming of what many say is the impossible, the revival of the classic and the rebirth of the original. My wish list is a veritable who’s who of big name title but I am a dreamer, and I am a games fan, so of course, I am going to be reaching for the stars.

From E3 2016 I want to see GAMES. Call me old fashioned but I want it to be less about hardware and more about the actual games we play.

Give me three of any of the following and I will be a happy boy; Resident Evil 7, Dead Rising 4, Red Dead Redemption, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor 2, Spider-Man and Hideo Kojima’s new title to name only a few. My full list can be found over at Tim’s complete E3 wish list.

Rob wants to know about the hardware

Despite being eager to see a slew of upcoming games at E3 2016, this year all comes down to the hardware for me. It’s unclear how much Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are willing to say about their elaborately codenamed boxes, but if they’re going to break silence and unleash a wave of new consoles on us then Monday’s press conferences will be the time to do it.

Will Microsoft unveil an Elite-esque Slim? How powerful will the so called Scorpio be? Will Sony’s Neo come with VR packed in? What even IS the NX?! All may, or may very well not, be revealed. But you can be sure of one thing: Watching the industry’s big three scramble to outmanoeuvre one another will make this a fascinating spectacle.

Kenny wants 'Prey 2'

As E3 draws closer and the internet slowly explodes with rumors and ideas for how this conference could surpass all the others, I’ve heard a name on the wind that has me terribly excited: Prey 2. I was never a PC gamer, but for some reason I had all the time in the world for Prey when it was first released.

I can vividly recall the interior of the bar you start the game in, how the ceiling disappeared to reveal an alien spacecraft and the harrowing section that followed where you watched your friends and hundreds of other humans butchered by monstrous machines. Prey 2 was going to expand on this game’s universe and exceptional gameplay, but it was supposedly cancelled a long time ago.

But if Bethesda have managed to bring this IP back to life and plan to tease us all with a trailer — preferably a gameplay one — next week, then this will be a tremendously exciting E3 indeed.

Marlon wants The Last Guardian Release Date & Demo

How long have we been waiting for this game? So long that I honestly forgot it was still in development before Japan Studio & Team Ico came bounding in through the door with fresh news about their impending journey through brick and mortar mysticism.

The Last Guardian will hopefully be making a more thorough appearance at this year's E3, with some more details on exactly who or what it is The Last Guardian is guarding, and why? But what I'd love more than this and a release date, which would also be blooming marvellous, is an old school demo. As soon as Sony's keynote is up, imagine turning on your PS4 and downloading 2 full missions to toy around with.

Yes, that would be very special. Very special indeed.

Well they say variety is the spice of life - this just goes to show that our personal views may vary upon the focus, but at the end of the day we all basically want the same things.

We all want to see the developers surpass expectations and provide us with more countless hours of fun and fantasy. Whether you are in it for the tech, in it for the games or just in it for the fun of it, gaming is our shared passion, we are united in fascination and let’s face it, up to now, we have had the time of our lives.

You’ve heard what we all want; now it’s time to tell us what you want. What do you want to see this year at E3?


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