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Final Fantasy has been a series of games that you either love or hate and if you are like me, then you love them. There has been a lot of talk about the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, but what about the rest of the excellent titles? Will they just die out or will something be done to help them beat their greatest enemy, which ironically is not Sin or Sephiroth, but time itself. My personal answer will be a no and here's why.

The Final Fantasy Games Have Left A Lasting Mark On The World

You see Final Fantasy everywhere in the gaming world. It has left its mark on gamers all around the world with not only the amazing games themselves through other avenues such as clothing, accessories, art, props, plushes, etc. Not only that but you can see traces/references to Final Fantasy in a ton of popular games such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Kingdom Hearts, Life Is Strange, and even Koei Tecmo's Warriors series. This consistently gives exposure to the elderly titles and makes players want to go back to them.

That's Great And All, But We Are Here To Be Amazed

Alright, alright you bunch of filthy animals let me get to the point. Let me say right off the bat that if you haven't heard about the Final Fantasy VII remake then you should probably check it out because that's a huge topic right now. Not only will that get the original game a ton of exposure, but if it does well, then we can be sure that we will get more remakes like it. Final Fantasy IX already got a remaster on Steam and Android devices and was quite popular along with Final Fantasy VIII. It's safe to say that we will probably have remakes of Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy VIII. Of course, this is speculation, but it would honestly be an awesome project and a lot of fans would go so far as to sell their grandmas to make it happen! The part you should be amazed about isn't the literal facts, but the number of directions Square Enix could go. You should be amazed by having Final Fantasy VII remade alone, but this opens up so many paths for blazing a trail back to the past!

No Concrete Evidence Of New Remakes/Remasters

If you aren't amused by the staggering amount of ways Square Enix can go from here, then I may just get excited easily, but at this point, there is no evidence of anything aside from Final Fantasy VII. Now what we need to do is hope and pray for our fan favorites to be announced and even voice our opinions to push the bigwigs! It's up to us to really try and steer them on the right course, and if they listen, then they will at least consider it since we are their market and ultimately their fans. Keep on looking up news and carry on!


Which 'Final Fantasy' do you want remade?


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