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As I take a break from an uncountable amount of school work and attempt to keep myself to the strict schedule I set forth for myself, I finally set time aside to keep up to date with my Creators profile. I love writing about movies, books, and games so much that it takes me a long time to write a well thought out article. So, I'm gonna try my best to make time for my writing every week. For now, I hop back in the saddle with an article about a game I'm sure you've either heard of, played at least once, or have been given the excuse from someone not being social that they are busy with it; The Division.

This game has to be one of the best games of the year for all around game play, mechanics, and replay value. Granted, you really have to be into the whole online gaming scene which vary few people aren't. I will admit, however, that I am one of those people who just isn't into the idea. I don't play games online at all for the most part. Though I love Tom Clancy, I was hesitant to embark on the purchase of this game due to that fact.

I will tell you, I am glad I made the right choice. Not only is this game fun, but it bleeds potential from everywhere.

Its story line is set in a pandemic-ridden Manhattan. A deadly virus has been spread throughout the city via a psycho scientist who mixes smallpox with some other virus' and hopes for it to wipe out the city. After it is noticed that there is no stopping the spread, they quarantine the island and do their best to get things back to normal. Once the military fails and a variety of extremists begin popping up all over, you the player are called in as part of an elite task force called The Division. You are pretty much a sleeper agent but not the soviet union type. More so, you're just a well trained individual that is kept secret from the world and are only called upon in dire needs. And when it comes to escaped prisoners, mutinous military, and extreme radicals, the needs don't get much more dire than this.

It's online and open world aspects allow you to team up with various people as well as run solo through the story line and other missions. Take also into consideration areas like the dark zone (a fully sealed off portion of the center of the city) and you'll enjoy teaming up more than anything.

See, with the options being so limitless and their being no real designated main character, this opens up many doors of potential. I believe a TV spin off of this story line would make for a great series. If you consider how many different agents that can be incorporated, an entire season can be dedicated to one group while another focus' on a completely different team.

With the variety of villainous groups in the city, it won't be too hard to think of people on the opposing side of the plot. The Cleaners by themselves would make for great TV bad guys. The Cleaners are maniacs who think the only way to rid the disease is to burn everything down, even people whether they are infected or not. Then you got the Rikers, The Rioters, The Last Man Battalion, and let's not forget rogue agents.

Oh yeah!

A rogue agent is a Division agent who spends his time killing other Division agents.

When you play, these guys are f*cking annoying.
When you play, these guys are f*cking annoying.

With it's setting being the city environment, the tone of it's story being relatively dark, and the never-ending potential in plot lines, I don't see why no one has thought about this idea yet. Maybe there's other factors to take into consideration but I still feel like this should be something that is spoken about. It might just be me though. Let me know what you think.


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