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[Warning: Spoilers from Injustice and various DC Comic stories]

So, you've probably heard recently that an image of an Injustice 2 poster was leaked online. This was an actual leak saying as the game wasn't supposed to be officially announced until E3 next week. However, someone took a picture of said poster and now it is all over the Internet. The poster is rather simple and if you haven't seen it yet, now's your chance to see it for yourself:

So, as I said, there isn't a whole lot going on here. Batman and Flash are facing off. Batman seems to be charged with something that glows green (maybe kryptonite as a call back to the original game) and there's a tagline:

Every Battle Defines You

Well, I've got an idea of what kind of plot is being hinted at here and I'd like to thank fellow creator Mark Robirds Jr. for letting me bounce ideas off of him before we really hit something that works. Before we get there, I'd like to take a moment to set it up using the context clues granted here in the poster:

The Speculation

First, it's clear that Regime Superman will not be the focus of this game. Or at the very least, he will not be in a pivotal position as he was in the last game. It also seems that this struggle will not be between Batman and Superman as it was on the cover of the previous Injustice game.

Instead, it seems that the main focus of the battle will be between The Flash and Batman. An interesting match-up to say the least. The tagline is also interesting and probably just as misleading as the initial premise of Injustice was. We were lead to believe that the game would involve heroes fighting their friends when in actuality, we were given a fighting game where heroes fought alternate versions of themselves and their friends. In this case, that could be the same; however, I feel like the story will touch more on the loss these characters feel when pitted against each other in situations they did not wish to be in. If the writers are looking for a deeper story, we might just see a more relatable villain than Regime Superman.

Getting into the finer details here, the character design is different. Flash looks to have pieces of armor plating on his wrist and shoulder whereas Batman's cowl has shorter ears and more bulk around the forehead and eyes. The spherical nobs on the edges of his chest also seem to be powering the green glow of his gauntlets and the insignia on his chest seems to be a wider bat than the one from Injustice.

This could just be the natural progression of these characters changing their costumes as they do in the comics between different artists; however, Injustice paved the way for sequels to be built around the established idea of a multiverse. If the opening title card about multiple universes was meant to only clue the audience in on the plot of Injustice, I'd call that lazy writing. That's not a word I would throw around with Netherrealm, though. No, this definitely has the makings for another trip into the multiverse.

The Theory

As noted by the title card of Injustice, a multiverse exists within the DC Universe. This has been hit twice with Injustice as well as Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. However, these new character designs suggest that this may not actually be the main DC Universe, but another alternate.

Injustice focused on a separate, parallel universe wherein Superman took control of the world. While he will probably be in the game, it's unlikely that he will be THE main villain once again. Also, given the way the character stories played out in Injustice, many characters will not be able to return including Insurgency Green Arrow and both Jokers. That being said, it would make sense to look into another parallel universe to bring forth a roster of characters and new variations of said characters. However, that's just the set up. The story is what necessitates another alternate universe:

I'm not saying this will be an exact retelling of Flashpoint, more that Flashpoint plays a part in the story of this parallel universe. I'm gonna say that Batman will be the villain of this game instead of Superman again and Flash is the person he's facing off against. He discovers that the Flash, in his usage of time travel, inadvertently caused the death of his parents.

This is similar to Flashpoint in that the change of Flash's origin story caused a change in everyone else's timelines including Batman's such that Bruce Wayne died instead of his parents. The knowledge that Flash caused the most pivotal moment in his life would definitely send Batman over the edge. People would come to Flash's aid because he's a friend, but that initial battle between the two of them would cause a serious change in their relationship and the relationship between everyone around them.

Depending on how unstable Batman becomes with this knowledge, we could see a Crisis event wherein Batman attempts to destroy the world and then some. That would lead to calling in the heroes of the main universe to once again stop a hero turned villain. Keep in mind, Batman has contingencies against every single member of the Justice League, so that alone makes him a one man army and that much more of a threat than Flash as a villain. He could work as a villain, but his strongest threat is using time travel to erase them. That spawns a plot that is more complicated than it needs to be.

Also, midway through writing this the announcement trailer was released! The only thing I can really add from the trailer is that it confirms the idea that armor is part of each character's costume. Some characters have different costume designs this time around, but the trailer still conveys the basic premise of "these heroes are fighting each other."

That's my rundown on the Injustice 2 plot. With the reveal being before E3, I wouldn't expect a story trailer during E3 this year. The same goes for Watch_Dogs 2 which had its announcement trailer released earlier today.

What's Your Take on the Injustice 2 Plot?


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