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Metroid is the game all Nintendo fans want more of but rarely ever receive. This title is culturally one of Nintendo’s biggest games but this is a fact that seems to go totally unrecognised by Nintendo. The passion for Metroid over the years instead has had to come from the fans – in my book, the fans alone have truly kept this iconic franchise alive.

Over the past few years we have seen everything from Cosplay to Concept art but today we have something particularly special. Animator, Rabbit Machine has created a fantastic short animation – at just 55 seconds long – this teaser really gets the Samus fires burning.

This golden nugget of animated delight will fill all you Aran fans out there with extreme nostalgic Joy.

The short animation plays out in brilliant Metroid style, Samus touches down inside what appears to be an abandoned space station. Just as soon as he/she (up for debate) has landed however, we see our iconic hero ducking and diving as they evade incoming missile fire. Our beloved champion deals with these threats in the traditional Metroid way – total annihilation - the animation comes to an end as Samus strides towards the camera. Mwah, brilliant!

A fantastic animation that makes me want to go back and play the series all over again. There is still no word on the future of the franchise to come out of Nintendo. What is it about Metroid that Nintendo are so afraid of?

Metroid is by far one of Nintendo’s biggest and most popular titles yet it seems that they are too afraid to take the franchise forward (spin offs aside). I guess the argument lies along the lines of, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, but my goodness, this IP has so much potential.

With just under a week until E3 2016 the timing could not be more perfect for Nintendo to up their expo game. Maybe Nintendo are waiting for the announcement of the NX to reveal the next Metroid? Just imagine the NX releasing with Metroid as its demo title – oh, the butterflies!

Whether or not either of these above pipe dreams will actually happen at this years show is yet to be announced - we can dream though...

Would you like to see Metroid on the NX?

Source: Rabbit Machine


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