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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

I love football (soccer); like I really, really love the sport. You cut me and I bleed…well, blood, but I’d get so shocked and delirious from being cut that I’d probably start murmuring some madness about the sport whilst dribbling my life-force all over the shop.

My love of the sport is one of the reasons I’m so stoked for this year’s iterations of the FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer franchises. With PES promising adaptive AI, major tweaks to its control system, and sticking with the sublime Fox Engine for another year running, it would’ve been easy to assume the annual return of the king would have been one embellished with much celebration in the town square, as the townsfolk carted around FIFA’s head on a silver platter.


Well, naturally, EA Sports had something to say about that and…we won’t be getting the full breadth of their FIFA 17-shaped revelation until EA's own games conference. EA Play won't be until June 12th but while we wait, gamer, be sated, because EA Sports has been nice enough to give us a release date for FIFA 17, a teaser trailer for their impending trailer, and some actually exciting news!

Releasing worldwide on September 29th, FIFA 17 will be making the switch to DICE’s equally sublime Frostbite Engine — yes, the one that Battlefield 4 currently runs on and that Mass Effect: Andromeda and Battlefield 1 will run on when they eventually release — but only on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions. PS3 & 360 users will be stuck with the Ignite Engine. Sorry not sorry.

So there’s one piece of news we can tick off our list: FIFA 17 will look great. But how will it play? EA Play will have the answer! As long as EA has opened up the midfield a bit more and made through balls actually functional again, it'll be miles better than FIFA 16 ('cause 16 wasn't that good).

Also, if you're a pre-ordering kind of human, then you'd better believe EA Sports has every size of wallet covered.

The 'Standard Edition' comes with the game (obviously) and custom FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) kits created by designers, amongst other goods.

The 'Deluxe Edition' comes with all of the above but with a little extra 20 jumbo premium gold packs for FUT! And you can get the four players in the images above and below (Reus, Martial, Rodriguez, and Hazard) on loan for 8 weeks.

And, finally, the 'Super Deluxe Edition' gets you all of the above again but this time you get 40 jumbo premium gold packs for FUT!

What say you?

Are you more excited for FIFA or PES?


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