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In a world of Playstation and Xbox, Nintendo fans have proven themselves the most loyal of video game fans. When the Wii U came out, Nintendo fans flocked to it in anticipation of a new Mario Kart, a new Super Smash Bros., and of course a new Legend of Zelda. Finally, as we near E3, some new Zelda news has just hit the web.

Along with new Legend of Zelda artwork, Nintendo is releasing a new Twitter campaign for users of Nintendo's Miitomo app. If their selected tweet reaches 10,000 retweets, plans are for Zelda-esque wigs to become available for Miitomo.

Oh, and the artwork, well behold all the Zelda glory:

The artwork shows the new and improved Link in his brand-new blue garb, complete with a very Assassin's Creed-looking hood. And of course there is his mighty steed, who can only be Epona, who you might recognize from Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Twilight Princess.

This artwork certainly builds the hype in anticipation for Nintendo's E3 panel, which is set to feature the new Zelda title heavily. Be sure to check into Nintendo's E3 news for Zelda gameplay, as well as plenty of Pokemon presentations.

Nintendo also has a sale going on on their Nintendo eShop from June 14th to June 21st featuring sales on some of their most popular games. Be sure to check out the sale for lower prices on some of your favorite games!

Make sure to check out Nintendo's E3 presentation on June 14th!


What's your favorite Legend of Zelda game?



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