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This week Minecraft passed a momentous milestone, hitting 100 million sales worldwide. It's a feat few other franchises have managed, with Notch's phenomenon now sitting proudly in the company of behemoths like Mario, Pokémon and Grand Theft Auto.

Mojang seemed bowled over by the community's massive support in their blog post:

We’d like to offer our heartfelt thanks to every one of you who’s bought Minecraft over the past few years, no matter which platform you play on. We’re constantly in awe of our community and the amazing things you achieve together. You really are the best. <3

The game's global population now rivals superpowers, too:

While we're on the topic of impressive numbers, check out some more which tell the story of this historical game. Bear in mind, some of these figures are likely to be higher in reality, as most of the data was collected in 2015.

$750 million

The franchise's total gross revenue.


Average amount of copies sold each day.


Amount of days it took to create the original version of the game.


Chance the menu screen will read 'Mincecraft.'

921.6 quadrillion

Number of bricks that can fit into each randomly-generated world.

90 million

Minecraft-related videos on YouTube

$2.5 billion

Amount Microsoft bought Minecraft for.

$70 million

Dollars Notch spent outbidding Beyonce and Jay-Z for his Hollywood home.

[Source: Mojang]


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