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Two years ago, Ubisoft launched Watch Dogs and its original concept of hacking. The game was a relative success but failed to please everyone because of a bland character and a wobbly scenario. Watch Dogs 2 is set to correct the mistakes of its predecessor and become the reference it is dying to be. Here's everything we know so far.

A New Character

Exit the grim and uncharismatic Aiden Pearce. Watch Dogs 2 realizes 360 degrees turn and introduces Marcus Holloway, a kid raised in Oakland who was unfairly put under the radar of the CTOS 2.0, an updated version of the surveillance system introduced in the first game. Marcus is the antithesis of Aiden Pearce in the fact that he's not on a killing spree to avenge someone he loved but is just a kid who wants to make a difference.

This distinction from the first Watch Dogs is important and already makes of Marcus a much more likeable and relatable character. Watch Dog's lead writer, Lucien Soulban, even describes Marcus as "charming" and "socially impactful." And in the first gameplay, we saw Marcus make some pretty sweet parkour moves. The scenario is still a complete mystery, but we can hope that the writers learned from the mistakes of the previous game.

The Bay Of San Francisco

Watch Dogs also departs from its first iteration with the city itself. San Francisco is a hopeful, bright city, a million miles from the autumnal atmosphere of Chicago. Moreover, the game will let you play not only San Francisco but its entire Bay, including Oakland and even San Jose. It is safe to say that the map will be tentacular, and we can expect a lot of side activities.

We'll get to walk through San Francisco's most iconic districts (Castro and Mission districts), and each neighborhood feels different, and the cities on themselves possess their particularities.

A Bunch Of New Hacking Skills

Watch Dogs 2 is supposed to feel more open than its older sister in every way, from the hacking to your way of playing the game. Depending on how you choose to live your adventure, it is possible to finish the game non-lethally. And to allow you to live your own experience, the hacking skills are wider and more innovative than before.

Unlike the first Watch Dogs where elements could only be hacked one way, the second will be more creative in that matter. For example, cars are not only hackable but can be moved; either to run over an opponent or to provide a cover or a getaway. A drone is also observable in the gameplay and can be used to scout locations or put down enemies remotely and silently.

A "Seamless" Co-op Mode

The co-op will be very reminiscent of the first Watch Dogs. Players will be able to spawn on each other's maps, but the game will go even further in the cooperation between players. It will be now possible to carry out single player missions with friends just by inviting them. And it also seems that we might be able to play the entire game in co-op. This new feature is something big, as it will radically change our experience but also provide a high replay value.

It is not yet possible to make a judgment about the second iteration of the Ubisoft franchise but Watch Dogs 2 looks very promising, and I can't wait to practice my hacking skills under the bright sun of San Francisco.

Watch Dogs 2 Releases November 15, 2016


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