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Overwatch has a pretty significant cast of characters, ranging from the hyper-fast Tracer to the stoic, unmoving Bastion. Everyone playing has characters they love (and some they hate), but we're all looking forward to whoever will be joining the ranks in the future.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan finally clued us in to Blizzard's plan for future character and map releases. According to him, Blizzard plans on releasing characters one at a time, thanks to what the team learned during the beta.

"...we felt like our release rate was pretty good for the most part, but we widely on the team felt like releasing Mei, D. Va and Genji all at the same time was way too disruptive for the game. That was a lesson that we learned. When we come out with our first new heroes postlaunch, we’re going to do them one at a time for a while, until we feel the game really stabilizes."

Kaplan also mentioned that players can expect a reveal of some sort around the end of summer. With the upcoming addition of competitive rankings, it seems the team wants to work out kinks in the gameplay before shaking things up too much. He also confirmed the name of one of the speculated future heroes-Sombra.

"We have put a lot of hints, all over the game and out of the game, so I would say it's about time that people are concerned with who Sombra is. I hope they keep researching more and find more hints that are out there."

Kaplan added that players have yet to find all the hints about her identity. Speculation continues, though most players believe her to be Pharah's mother, Ana Amari. You can find all the collected information here.


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