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E3 2016 is right around the corner, which means developers, journalists, and fans alike are gearing up for the industry's premiere trade show. Even with plenty of early leaks potentially unveiling a good bit of the various surprises and predictions prematurely, it appears as though Sony's press conference has remained (for the most part) spoiler free. It is true however, that Sony's latest PlayStation upgrade – often referred to as the PS4.5, PS4K, and codename Neo – has seen its share of leaked information, but that said, there is still plenty to speculate about within this E3 preview.

As stated in my E3 2016 preview for Microsoft's press conference, expectations tend to get a bit out of hand this time of year, and that is precisely why I constructed this guide. In order to navigate the waters of rumors and speculation (all of which are now commonplace this time of year) this preview is designed to give you an idea of what to expect at Sony's 2016 E3 press conference, along with a prediction or two thrown in. Stay patient Nintendo fans, as your preview is on its way, but this article is dedicated to everything Sony and PlayStation.

When, Where, and How to Watch

When: Monday, June 13th at 6:00 PM PDT

Where/How: Sony's E3 press conference will be available for streaming on these various platforms: live on Spike TV and streaming on both IGN and GameSpot's respective websites, the Live Events Viewer app on both PS4 and PS3, in addition to PlayStation's YouTube and Twitch channels.

What to Expect: Sure Bets

Playstation VR headset
Playstation VR headset

Virtual Reality (VR): More than perhaps any other press conference, expect virtual reality to play a large role in Sony's presentation. With PlayStation VR slated for release in October of 2016 and already available for pre-order, the Japanese gaming giant is aiming to treat PlayStation VR like a brand new console launch. Also, do not be shocked to see a surprise game announcement or two designed specifically for VR given the limited number of lackluster titles already planned for launch.

Exclusive Content for 3rd Party Games: It is no secret that the PlayStation 4 is absolutely dominating the console war for this generation. With over 40 million units sold at this point, and the company's premiere franchise having recently released a new title, Uncharted 4, expect Sony to rely heavily on its 3rd party developer relationships to excite their fanbase. Early betas and release dates, along with exclusive content has all helped to make the PlayStation 4 a massive success, so expect the trend to continue this year.

PlayStation Exclusives: Just because Uncharted 4 released recently to critical praise and monetary success, does not mean that Sony intends to simply rest on its laurels. Sure, you should expect to see plenty of timed exclusives from the likes of popular first person shooters such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Destiny, but also, you should look forward to hearing more news concerning No Man's Sky, Persona 5, The Last Guardian, Detroit: Become Human, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

No Man's Sky is simply one of the most anticipated PlayStation titles announced right now. Unfortunately however, the potential Game of the Year contender was recently delayed until August. That said, do not be surprised to hear at least a mention and perhaps even see a new trailer or gameplay footage next week.

Another delayed, yet highly anticipated title comes in the form of Persona 5. It has already been confirmed for E3, so brace yourself for new details concerning this PlayStation exclusive.

There are some who believe that The Last Guardian no longer exists, but I wouldn't put too much stock into that rumor. In fact, don't be surprised if we get a heavy dose of this mysterious game during Sony's press conference.

Detroit: Become Human looks to be another beautiful game from developer Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls). Recently confirmed for an E3 appearance, look forward to seeing more from this realistic sci-fi adventure.

Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the biggest hits and surprises of last year's E3, but fans have unfortunately heard next to nothing since. With all of the buzz surrounding this gorgeous game, expect an update and perhaps even more gameplay along with a trailer if we're lucky.

What to Expect: It Could Happen

Left: The Last of Us; Right: God of War
Left: The Last of Us; Right: God of War

'Last of Us' Followup and/or 'God of War 4': It is no surprise at this point that Naughty Dog (Uncharted, Last of Us) is one of Sony's prized developers. With the latest Uncharted sequel recently hitting store shelves however, do not expect to hear much on that front (other than DLC perhaps). That said, it would be surprising to see them sitting on the sidelines for E3, and for that reason do not be astonished to hear about a followup to the hit title Last of Us, or even a new IP perhaps.

Additionally, we know that the God of War franchise has been awfully good for PlayStation, and that the latest entry in the series, God of War 4, has been in development for some time now. Still, even with what appears to be a packed press conference, it is certainly plausible that we could see at least a tease of this highly anticipated sequel.

Microsoft/Sony Partnership: Again, this idea was brought up in my E3 2016 preview for Microsoft, but it deserves equal mention in this article as well. Recently fairing well with cross-platform play is Rocket League, so it makes sense that we could see more games follow suit. Blizzard has already stated that they are looking into cross-platform play for their latest hit Overwatch via Twitter, so a partnership between the two gaming titans might not be so farfetched after all.

What to Expect: Don't Hold Your Breath

The PS4K?
The PS4K?

PlayStation Neo: If only this preview were written just hours earlier, the PlayStation console codenamed Neo – also referred to as the PS4K and PS4.5 – would most likely have landed in the "Sure Bets" section of this article, but due to recent reports finally confirming the existence of the Neo but denying its presence at E3, it is now exponentially less likely that we are to hear anything more about this mysterious console until a later date. What was once touted as a hardware heavy E3, now looks more like the software centric week we all expected earlier in the year.

That wraps up this preview for Sony's E3 2016 press conference. Which games and rumored hardware do you hope finally get revealed? Make sure to let me know all of your predictions and thoughts in the comments section and stay tuned here for Nintendo's E3 preview and more gaming news.


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