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Well, it has finally been officially confirmed. Injustice 2 has been confirmed! For those of you that are not aware of Injustice, it is a fighting game that is set in the DC Universe, but in an alternate reality where Joker has tricked Clark into killing Lois and her unborn child and laying waste to Metropolis. In that event, Superman kills Joker and becomes a dictator of Earth with an iron fist and potentially one of Earth's greatest villains. There are many different ideas that are swarming around for the potential plot for Injustice 2. Let's take a look at some ideas to the possible plot.

#1 Batman has become evil

This is probably the very first thing people have been talking about like crazy the moment they saw the poster. Batman has become evil and is now fighting the league. This could be an interesting twist in due to the fact that this could be an alternate universe much like High Chancellor Superman, but it can play in multiple ways. Mind control, perhaps being pushed over the edge, or even something like simply Batman going down a path of evil the day his parents died. It is possible that he can become a hell of a threat, despite being only human and lacking powers. Imagine Tower of Babel, but instead of Ra's al Ghul, it's Batman.

#2 Darkseid's wrath

Darkseid was missing from the first injustice in the plot, but why is that? It would seem that evil Superman took a visit to Apokolips and wanted to settle things once and for all. Maybe another plot for Injustice 2 can be Darkseid coming to settle some debts or perhaps he is finally wishing to conquer Earth by force. Darkseid has been known for becoming a threat to Earth and it's not hard to believe that he could be the big bad boss running things around, who knows?

#2 Mongul's War

What's a good reason for The Justice League fighting against each other and them not being evil? Perhaps they are forced to do so by means of a tyrant named Mongul. Mongul would be a good addition to Injustice 2 as an antagonist as he is a very large threat and is capable of going toe-to-toe against some real heavy hitters in DC. Mongul forcing the heroes to fight in a gladatorial form against each other would be good enough to really make some hard choices be picked. Friends fighting friends for Mongul's entertainment.

#3 Braniac arising

What other threat could be big enough to bring about chaos besides Darkseid or Mongul? The techno-organic being with a twelfth-level intellect can be the big bad that brings about some real trouble to the Justice League. Braniac has had his fair share of run ins with Superman, Batman, Lex Luthor and the others and it's not hard to see Braniac coming not to collect the planet, but to control it and its residents. Maybe he succeeds and this is merely an issue that he is directly contributing to?

#4 Regime Reform

With confirmation that Injustice 2 will take place after the first, it is possible that we will see Regime Superman once more, but is he going to be more involved in the plot while still being a prisoner? What if Superman instead has some loyal followers that are attempting to bring back the regime once more, but they are unable to do so on their own? An attempt to break out Superman could play out, but in doing so they call forces out of their hands that brings a big threat to Earth.

What do you guys thing? Any of these good enough to convince you of a plot for Injustice 2?


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