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The passing of time can only mean one thing and that's all of us growing up and maybe leaving behind some of the things we used to do. I myself growing up loved the Kingdom Hearts and spending hours on it. It's been a while however since I've gone and played the series but it seems all that is about to change. The fans of the game including myself have patiently been waiting for almost a decade for the next installment in the series. We have gotten prequels and spin-offs of sorts but what we want is a direct sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2, yes we want nothing less than Kingdom Hearts 3.

The first time we heard about this game was 9 years ago when we got a very mysterious trailer. Although the trailer didn't reveal much or show any actual gameplay footage, we had begun getting hyped. The only thing was that years passed by and we rarely or didn't at all hear anything about it. There were many people that just gave up hope and moved on but recently the talk has started again. It seems we also might just have gotten the response we were looking for all those years ago.

It seems Square Enix has been listening to all of us and sort of in a way confirmed Kingdom Hearts is coming out! The only problem is they don't give us a date but seem to give a sort of appetizer for it. We got a new trailer for a new installment called Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. The game is set to include the 3DS titled gamed Dream Distance Pop as well as two new installments. These new installments are called Back Cover and A Fragmentary Passage, the latter will include a new character called Aqua.

The other installment Back Cover is said to be in connection to Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. We should all be very excited to get more Kingdom Hearts content of course but the biggest announcement is at the end. In the trailer, we just got once we see a bit of everything we are getting in this new game we also get news on Kingdom Hearts 3. We see the logo for the game appear and a message stating we will hear more of it in the Winter! This might sadden some but to help you get by I truly believe we will get something in E3. I truly believe its the best time for them to pull something that will get the fans excited for Kingdom Hearts 3. In the meantime check out the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue below.


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