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There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.
Marc Sumner

So you're browsing the internet, scrolling through various videos of annoying pets and selfies of people that you don't like, and suddenly you see a heavily armoured Batman trading punches with Superman; a regular, Zack Snyder-inspired day, right?

Wrong! Because chances are, you've just come across the trailer for the new DC Comics fighting game 'Injustice 2'.
Sequel to 2013's 'Injustice: Gods Among Us', a brutal superhero romp set in an alternate timeline featuring some pretty non-heroic events, such as; Superman killing the Joker, Superman killing Innocent civilians and Superman killing Shazam; Injustice 2 looks to reestablish the gritty and dystopian feel of the original, while hopefully throwing in a few surprises along the way.

As fun as the first Injustice game was (and who wouldn't enjoy kicking Superman's ass using Green Arrow, right?), the playable roster did feel fairly limited given the vast number of characters in DC's back catalogue and unless you were willing to shell out for DLC, we were stuck with twelve heroes and twelve villains to play with.

Nightwing Vs. Doomsday, anyone?
Nightwing Vs. Doomsday, anyone?

Hopefully Injustice 2 will bring some new characters to the mix, as well as developing those who we already know will appear and will also hopefully feature long-time Justice League member Green Lantern, who is mysteriously missing from the announcement trailer.

Now this could simply be an artistic choice to not overcrowd what is really little more than a visual teaser, however the Lantern's absence thus far could also potentially be due to DC's unwillingness to heavily market a character which does not have an imminent or already existing presence in their successful film and television franchises (and no, Ryan Reynolds, your attempt doesn't count). It could be too early to tell, as we have only seen one trailer so far, and Wonder Woman was also missing from the shadowy brawl, but including Supergirl (now starring in her own live-action TV show) over either of these titanic characters seems like a tactical choice on the marketing department's behalf.

We still love you, Hal.
We still love you, Hal.

So far as where Injustice 2's story will take us, at this point it's anyone's guess. The sequel may show us another alternate dimension, or perhaps revisit the universe home to the many evil (and some dead) versions of our favourite characters explored in the first game; whichever the case, in the mean time, I think it's time to go and dig out the Xbox 360 - Superman needs an ass kicking.


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