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There are some gamers out there whose average gaming session is usually pretty uneventful – you switch on you play your games, you laugh and you have fun. For me and many others however, the story is often quite different. Without casting mass stereotype, in general gamers can, at times, be both passionate and competitive. This can lead to gaming sessions having a tendency to become more than a little colourful.

The world of competitive multiplayer gaming is chock-full of competition, peril and stress. After mooching around online I realized that many gamers are the same – our gaming sessions are generally comprise of the same peaks and troughs but we roll with punches, we take the rough with the smooth. But what does it look like from the outside?

This is what you look like engaged in one of the more colourful gaming sessions. From start to finish, I will demonstrate using Gifs how the average competitive online gaming session goes down.

19. On the way home to start the gaming session

18. Waiting in the game lobby

17. Crafting the best plan of attack ever with your team mates!

16. Match begins, first thing you do is go the wrong way

15. Dealing with the inevitable online banter...

14. Taken out by a totally random act like a random grenade thrown from across the map or an environmental death!

13. Watching the replay of the above random death and realising it was actually clever play from opposing team.

12. Moving on and targeting the strongest member of the opposing team

11. Panic sets in as you have your ass handed to you by the strongest member of opposing team as you scream for help from team mates.

10. Your reaction when you die just before beating your all time score record

9. Trying to contain the laughter as one of your team mates begins to rage out big time!

8. After 4 hours continuous battle

7. The emotion that overflows when you just can't seem to kill that one player that has killed you everytime!

6. The final game and someone shouts - winning team takes all!

5. You and the team when you win!


4. Your reaction when you lose by just one point!

3. At work the next day and you get a flashback of the defeat...

2. Your reaction when you get the call from the team to say that a rematch is on

1. The next session begins...

Oh, the joys of being a gamer - any of you gamers out there been here before? Add your gifs and memes below!


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