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If you don't know who MatPat is, I highly encourage you to check out his channel here. He has gaming, movies, and a live channel so anyone can jump right into the action - not to mention a new series called MATPAT'S GAME LAB where he throws top gamers into real-life situations based on video games. Picture that, or just see it for yourself below. It's honestly amazing.

I had the pleasure of interviewing MatPat over the phone, and it was truly a thrill as I am personally a huge fan. Keep reading to find out why MatPat is held in such a high regard by all of his subscribers!

Truly Unique and Fun Videos

One thing MatPat told me in our interview is the fact that he and his team try to make every single video stand on its own. They try to switch it up every time so that every experience will be different for the viewer. MatPat wants his viewers to get a different feeling with each video, and he never falls short of truly entertaining his fans.

He Truly Cares For His Subscribers

One of the biggest questions I asked MatPat was "With your ever increasing fan-base, what is the biggest thing you get from your subscribers?" He told me that it wasn't the numbers that mattered. He said that he wants to truly "nerd out" and let people know it's okay to be who you are. I could feel the sincerity and emotion resonating in his voice, and it was very genuine. A couple of things he said really got me, such as:

"I would never be where I am today without all the love and support from my fans."

"I love reading and writing to my fans and subscribers because not only do I get to nerd out, but I get to see them actively laugh and have fun."

He Is Astonishingly Genuine

MatPat really is the person you see in all of his videos. He doesn't put on a mask for his audience like a lot of people in the entertainment industry and it draws you to him. That's one of the biggest reasons I respect MatPat because people like to get into those different personas and you can't really relate and grow close to the team. MatPat had this to say on the issue:

"When I was younger I had to learn to be myself and accept myself. I wanted to be like the cool kids (Insert awful song here) for a long time and found myself being somebody that I wasn't. From then on I was set on being myself no matter what happened and that still hasn't changed even in front of the camera."

How He Cares About The YouTube Community

Lastly, what makes MatPat really incredible is how he looks at the rest of the YouTube community. There is an amazing level of respect between a lot of YouTubers and ultimately working together always brings each individual closer to their goals. MatPat loves to collaborate with other YouTubers and help out some of the smaller producers. He blew my mind by saying this:

We are one of the bigger YouTube channels, but that doesn't mean we do things alone. We love to work together with all kinds of channels like Smosh Games. That also doesn't mean that we only work with big groups as well. We always try to outreach our hands to smaller YouTube channels when we know that our interests match. We are a tight-knit family here on YouTube and you have to work together to reach your end goal.

Go Check Him Out!

Seriously I can't say enough about MatPat and his crew! Never have I seen a YouTuber who was so genuine, bright, and naturally hilarious. I'm glad I had the honor of interviewing him and believe that you all should definitely give him a shot.

Check out his new series, MATPAT'S GAME LAB on June 8 exclusively on YouTube Red!! You won't want to miss it.


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